Thursday, October 29, 2009

Featured Free Beading Pattern: Crystal Web Collar Necklace

Crystal Web Collar Necklace

By Margot Potter for Create Your Style with CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements

Here’s a special, spooktacular project for your very own fright night. Beadalon Design Team Member Margot Potter created this crystal spider web necklace especially for Create Your Style with CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements and gave us permission to share it here with you!

This intriguing web of metal and crystal floats around your entire neck in a web of glamour and intrigue. Whether the basis for a Spider Queen costume or a striking seasonal necklace, it’s made from affordable materials that are brought to life with the beauty of CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements and Beadalon wire and findings.


30 6007 7x4mm crystal moonlight CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements beads (you can substitute another small crystal bead if you prefer)

66 5000 3mm jet CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements rounds

72 5000 5mm jet hematite CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements rounds

SS2006 ss12 foiled light Siam CRYSTALLIZED™-Swarovski Elements flat back crystal (you may substitute a 2028 ss12 here)

Remembrance silver finish Beadalon memory wire choker

2 packages silver plated Beadalon small cable chain

3 large Beadalon silver plated swivel lobster clasps

38 6mm Beadalon silver plated jump rings

66 clear Beadalon bead bumpers

44 size 2 Beadalon silver plated crimp tubes

Beadalon 19 strand .024 silver color wire

Beadalon Beading Glue


Round nose pliers

2 pairs chain nose pliers

Memory wire shears

Wire cutters

1/16” drill bit and electric or battery operated drill


  1. Use wire cutters to snip spider off of ring base.
  2. Use a small drill bit to drill a hole in the top of the spider’s abdomen.
  3. Attach a red flat back crystal of your choice to the spider’s abdomen using a jeweler’s glue. Allow to dry.
  4. Create memory wire choker by cutting off a 17” length using your memory wire shears. (Never, ever, ever use regular wire cutters on memory wire, it’s tempered steel and it will become razor sharp.)
  5. Use round nose pliers to bend one end of memory wire into a loop. (You can adjust the necklace for size, but you will need to increase all of your materials, you can also opt to add more jump rings to the closures.)
  6. Thread 5mm jet hematite crystals around wire and cut off excess wire leaving a 1/8” tail.
  7. Bend tail into a loop using your round nose pliers.
  8. Add a 7” section of silver color wire on every sixth 5mm bead on choker using a flattened crimp tube to secure wire around memory wire base. You should have 11 wire sections hanging from choker.
  9. Snip off excess wire tail with cutters.
  10. Place your choker on a flat surface so it is splayed out as you work.
  11. Slide a bead bumper to approximately 7/8” from top of a wire.
  12. Add a single 3mm bead.
  13. Slide the first link in your chain on the wire behind the bead.
  14. Add a second 3mm bead.
  15. Add another bead bumper.
  16. Slide a crimp tube on wire to bottom of bead bumper and smash flat with chain nose pliers.
  17. When you attach the chain next, make sure it is 2” from the first attached link.
  18. Continue around the ‘web’ repeating this process until you reach the final strand and cut off excess chain.
  19. Move down the wire about an inch and repeat the established process working around your web carefully adding bumper, bead, chain link, bumper and bead. For the second two sections, the chain should be 3” in length from attached link to attached link.
  20. When you reach your final sections on each wire, cut off excess wire from bottom of crimp tube using cutters.
  21. Attach a swivel lobster clasp to the right side of your memory wire with a jump ring. Attach a second jump ring to the opposite side. This will help secure the web around your neck.
  22. Move down to first chain section and attach a jump ring to the right side, threading it into the first link in your chain and around the beaded section before attaching your clasp. Add two jump rings to the opposite side using the same jump ring through first chain link process. Repeat for the second chain section. (Leave the bottom section free standing to allow the web to fan around your neck.)
  23. Attach a 5.5” section of chain between the fourth and the fifth beads to the right of center using a jump ring. Attach the spider to the bottom of the chain using a jump ring.
  24. Attach a small crystal on a jump ring to the center of each chain swag using a jump ring.

Happy haunting!

Margot Potter, The Impatient Crafter™

Crystal Web Collar Necklace ©Margot Potter is intended for inspiration only. Not for reproduction or resale.

Monday, October 26, 2009

We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to “Moonlitfantaseas,” the randomly selected winner of a free copy of Katie’s Beading Secrets (Hot Off The Press 2009). Thanks so much to everyone who left a comment. It’s great to see so much excitement for the new book! Please help spread the word and ask for it at your local bead shop or craft store.

Our giveaways have been so popular that we’re going to do one on the first Monday of every month! It will always be easy to enter, so put it on your calendar or subscribe in reader so you never miss out on the fun. Finally, a reason to look forward to Mondays!

-Beadalon Blog Team

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wire Wrapping Mania

Are you addicted to wire wrapping? We’ve been watching wire-wrapping increase in popularity in the last few years, with magazines like Step-By-Step Wire Jewelry giving readers ideas and inspiration galore. As a result, Beadalon has added new shaping wires and wire working tools in the latest Product Supplement.

Among our favorite new tools are the round nose nylon jaw pliers. Replaceable nylon tips help to avoid wire dings during wrapping and other wire manipulations. We also especially love the new copper German-Style wire and stainless steel shaping wires.

We’ve been making a lot of new wire designs lately, too, and you’ll find many of them in the Design Workshop.

Check out these fun new wire designs:

Fathom Bracelet by Margot Potter

Tropical Donuts Necklace by Fernando Dasilva

Cirque de les Enfants Necklace by Fernando Dasilva

-Beadalon Blog Team

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Video Tutorials Online Now!

We’re excited to announce that we have our very own YouTube channel! We’re going to fill it with all of the things you want to learn, like how to attach Crimp Covers or how to get started using a Beadalon Knotter Tool. We take requests, too, so please leave us a comment and tell us what you want to learn!

Our new YouTube channel is just one of the many new ways we’re sharing everything we know about beading and jewelry making. You can also check out hundreds of project ideas in our Design Workshop get helpful hints on our Tips & Techniques page make a bracelet with Margot on our beading segment on the Balancing Act watch Katie’s Beading Lessons videos from the public television show Beads, Baubles & Jewels; or search our online beading Glossary.

- Beadalon Blog Team

Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's All About Texture!

Lilies and Butterflies Necklace

Have you added Beadalon® Crinkle wire to your beading stash yet? It's permanently wavy and can be used to add lots of luscious texture to beaded designs. The Beadalon Design Team members have been using it to create layered extravaganzas like this necklace by Fernando Dasilva.

Crinkle wire is available in a variety of finishes, including the standard bright color, silver color, gold color, satin silver, satin gold and satin copper. It's perfect for exposed wire designs – you get a little bit of extra texture with your color!

Check out more design ideas using Crinkle wire:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Free Necklace Pattern: Gold Swirl Eye Necklace

Make a big statement this fall with Fernando's dramatic necklace design! The combination of glass, gemstones and satin cord creates a luxurious look that's sure to draw compliments.

Gold Swirl Eye Necklace

Materials & Tools

• Two medium size red jasper nuggets
• Two 12mm coin shape gold stone beads
• Two medium flat oval tiger eye nuggets
• Ten 14mm large hole melon shape horn beads
• One large gold swirl Chinese bull eye lamp work glass pendant
• 36” beige satin cord - 134R-031
• 8” silver-plated 24-gauge German style wire - 180B-024
• Six silver-plated ball head pins –312B- 111
• Thirtyfour silver-plated solid oval rings – 314B-520
• Two silver-plated flat oval rings – 314B-121
• Two silver-plated medium quick links connectors – 326B-414
• One silver-plated badge clip – 337B-008
• Stringing glue – 215A-020
• Beadstrom™ semi-flush cutters – 202P-015
• Beadstrom™ round nose pliers – 201P-014
• Beadstrom™ chain nose pliers – 201P-011


1. Start making all the dangles. Make two with gold stone coins, make two with red jasper nuggets and two with tiger eye flat medium oval beads. Fed one bead through ball head pin. Make a simple loop on top of bead and wrap around its neck twice. Trim wire and set aside. Repeat same step to complete all dangles.

2. Slide glass pendant onto a double beige satin cord. Add two oval solid rings on each side of cord necklace and make sure it’s snagged enough to hold centerpiece in place.

3. Pick one side to work with it or work simoutaneously on both sides.

4. Splits the satin cord and insert one single strand onto a melon bead(large hole) and a second strand passing by the outside surface forming almost a arch like.

5. String 5 oval solid rings onto double cord and repeat the sequence until you have 4 large bead strung on it.

6. Make a simple knot using both strands of cord, add one large bead (same previous manner) and make a second knot.

7. Give a two inches space, add a flat oval ring between both strands and tie a third knot. To secure it in place wrap 4 inches of German style wire tying both strands together next to knot.

8. Attach badge clip as a clasp using one quick link connector.

9. Finish the other side of necklace repeating previous steps.

10. Use a few dabs of Beadalon stringing glue on both ends of necklace’s knots.

- Fernando Dasilva for Beadalon

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Katie’s Beading Secrets Giveaway

Last weekend, I taught classes at Bead Fest Portland and promoted my new book, Katie’s Beading Secrets. This book is packed with over 100 projects, including necklaces, earrings and bracelets, all created with readily available beads and findings.

Necklaces are shown with the clasps so you know exactly how to recreate the piece; necklaces are also shown with alternates done in different bead combinations to get your creativity going! You’ll learn the basics of beading, plus the most versatile beading techniques. Full-color, with step-by-step instructions—and tips on every page!

Leave a comment on this post for a chance to win a free, signed copy of the book! Include your email address so we can contact you if you win. We’ll collect comments for one week, then we’ll hold a random drawing.

- Katie Hacker for Beadalon