As Seen in People Style Watch

Here's a peek at my necklace that appears in a Beadalon-sponsored Michael's ad in this month's People Style Watch. I combined a lot of Spring trends (see Monday's post) in one with this piece that's "luxe for less." I took my inspiration from the layered chain looks that are everywhere in fashion and focused on a gray and silver palette that could turn a simple daytime outfit into a dressy evening ensemble.

To create the design, I started with the connected hematite rings as the foundation of the necklace. From there, it was all about building texture and layers from the center toward the ends. I'd usually be tempted to scale it back, but in this case, more is more! I kept adding lengths of chain, beaded strands and beaded eye pins until the design looked really dense and drapey.

-Katie Hacker for Beadalon



  1. I have been using beadalon as string for windchimes along with crimp beads for 20 years! It's much stronger and better in the weather than fishing line!


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