Beading Q & A

Q. How do you wrap a briolette? I bought a large pendant-sized piece of rose quartz, but it is briolette-styled drilled; how do I wire it to hook it up to a chain? -Carolynne

A. Wire-wrapping is a good method for attaching briolettes to chain. Here’s what Katie does: center a 6" long, 22 or 24-gauge piece of wire inside the hole. Then, bend the ends upward to form a triangle shape. Make a loop on one wire (above the stone's point) and hold the loop and the other wire inside the jaws of chain nose pliers. Wrap the extra wire from the loop around the base of the loop and the other wire. Bend the "other" wire downward and coil it around the base of the loop, too, or use it to make a decorative spiral. Fernando explains a slightly different technique in his pattern for these Brazilian Babe Chandeliers.

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