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Pinch and Twist Necklace with MultiColor Artistic Wire

  Once again, I got to welcome my beady friend, Emily Scott, to the Beadalon Facebook Live. She is an accomplished beader and wire worker, and it was a treat for me to learn a new technique (to me) - the "Pinch and Twist". I love this technique because it's deceptively simple, but also because it is a perfect way to use a "bead soup" mix. The Jesse James Beads bead mixes are absolutely PERFECT for this technique, and I used the Red Queen Mix that my friend Sarah James put together for me. It's also a perfect technique to showcase the MultiColor Artistic Wire! Materials: 22 Gauge MultiColor Artistic Wire Bead Soup or JJB Bead Mix 2 large hole beads Sari Ribbon Instructions: STEP 1 Working from the spool, string up a whole bunch of bead soup - about 36 inches of beads. STEP 2 Leave yourself about an 8 inch tail, then move a  bead into place. Fold the wire around the bead, then pinch the wire together and twist the bead until it is captured in the wire twist.

Finger Weaving With MultiColor Artistic Wire

  I love taking an old technique from making friendship bracelets as a kid and updating it for my jewelry making as a grown up! This finger woven braided bracelet looks similar to the Artistic Wire Square Braid, but you can make it in any color or gauge you'd like! I recommend starting with a thinner gauge as the wire work hardens rather quickly as you are braiding it. The 22 Gauge MultiColor Wires change colors as the braid goes on for a truly unique look.  Tools: Nylon Jaw Pliers Bracelet Bending Pliers Acrylic Tying Station Tacky Mat Bead Fix Gel Materials: 22 Gauge MultiColor Wire Upper Clasp 2 Jump Rings 4mm TierraCast Cord Ends Instructions: STEP 1 Place the Tacky Mat on your work surface and secure the top of the Acrylic Tying Station to the Tacky Mat. STEP 2 Cut 5x 24 inches of MultiColor Wire. Use the Nylon Jaw Pliers to straighten all of the wires. Fold them in half all together so the loops are all at the same place, and twist the top all together. STEP 3 Remove the top