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Link jump rings together to make Chain Maille Jewelry - it's easier than you think!

One of my favorite jewelry making techniques is making Chain Maille! Not only is it meditative, relaxing, and therapeutic, but it provides a great foundation for embellishing with beads to make beautiful jewelry.  Purple Chain Maille Earrings Instructions available in the Learning Center! Getting started with Chain Maille can definitely be daunting. There's a lot to learn at the outset - a new set of vocabulary, a new group of materials, new concepts to grasp, but the good news is that you really only need 2 tools to get started making chain maille. You'll need two pliers - chain nose, flat nose, bent chain nose pliers - any combination that works best for you. And one technique - opening and closing a jump ring. If you can open and close a jump ring, you can do chain maille! The Beadalon Snub Nose Chain Maille Pliers are perfect for making chain maille! The first thing to know is the "anatomy of a jump ring". There is an inner diameter (the distance between the ins