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Pendants in an Instant and Super Fast Loop Crimp Ends

Instant Pendants from Beadalon are a great way to turn larger hole beads into pendants quickly and easily. I used beads that Sarah from Jesse James Beads left for me when she was here for our joint Facebook Live to make this fun necklace featured on the most recent Facebook Live .  The Instant Pendants are so much fun to work with. They measure approximately 36.6mm (1.44in) and are available in Silver Plated and Gold Color in two styles - one with a Cone End and one with a Ball End.  Gold Color Instant Pendant with a Cone End Silver Plated Instant Pendant with a Ball End To use the Instant Pendant, simply unscrew the bottom, add your beads, and screw it back together! You can also stack bead dangles on looped Head Pins - so you don't have to worry if you don't have large hole beads. You can add a drop of glue if you want your pendant to be permanent, but part of the fun is that you can make an easy design switch. Instant Pendants look great hanging

Bail Me Out! All about Beadalon Bails.....

The fastest and easiest way to add a pendant to a necklace is to use a bail . Beadalon offers several sizes and styles of bails in both silver plated and gold color. I had so much fun going through all of the bails that we offer and demonstrating how to use them with lots of different shapes of Swarovski Elements for this week's Facebook Live Video . The general instructions for using the bails is to gently open the prongs with a Bent Chain Nose Pliers, add your pendant, then squeeze the prongs shut inside the holes. Then, you're ready to add the pendant to your necklace! We offer several different styles of bails - we even have a Bail with an earwire attached ! Some of the coolest Bails we offer are the Pinch Bails . There is a special Pinch Bail Pliers that makes it even easier to use these bails. You don't need the pliers to close the bails, but they definitely make it easier, and I'm all about the easier. You can use these bails for all different kinds of

Beadalon welcomes Jesse James Beads!

We had such a wonderful visit with Sarah from Jesse James Beads yesterday! She brought us oodles of new Beads from their White Label Collection, and Wyatt and I had so much fun using Beadalon and Artistic Wire Products to make jewelry with them. First, Wyatt twisted up some Artistic Wire with the  Wire Twister  and used it to make a quick and easy ring with one special bead from the Indigo Soul collection. He also used some twisted wire to wrap some beads from the Unicorn Bliss Mix onto Flat Artistic Wire . He used the Artistic Wire Round Sizing Drum to form the shape, Memory Wire Bending Pliers to turn a loop on one end, then used the twisted wire to wrap the beads over the Flat Artistic Wire. There are so many Artistic Wire Colors to choose from! A good place to start would be with the Buy the Dozen  Assortment Packs. You get 3 yards each of 12 different colors which gives you plenty to chose from to either match or complement your beads. My favorite thing to mak

5 Jewelry Making Hacks - Tips to Make Designing Jewelry Easier!

I love learning ways to make my jewelry making easier, and last week Wyatt gave a ton of great tips and tricks in his Facebook Live Video where he shared 5 Jewelry Making Hacks! Without further ado, here they are: Hack #1: Use a Tacky Mat to secure the Tassel Maker to your work surface, and use the Tassel Maker to make Tassels. Tassels are still everywhere now. Why not make your own? The Beadalon Tassel Maker makes it easy to make matching tassels for earrings and embellishments of all kids. While the Tacky Mat comes with 4 suction cups to stick it down onto a non-porous surface, we've found that the Tacky Mat is a great way to secure the tool to ALL surfaces. Bonus tip: rinse your Tacky Mat with warm water to clean it off and recharge it! Hack #2: If you've been paying attention, you already know about Hack #2 - the Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire Label. Candie Cooper made the perfect visual guide to break down all of the information you need. Remember: you want to c