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Learn to make a Tassel with the Beadalon Tin Cup Knotter Tool!

I was a little late to the Tassel Party, but when I got here, I certainly put my party hat on! And since the arrival of the Tin Cup Knotter Tool , I've been knotting every pearl I can get my hands on - especially these ones from JTV. In this week's Facebook Live, I break down step by step how to use the Tin Cup Knotter, how to tie the perfect knot, and how to make a Tin Cup Knotted Tassel. You can attach these tassels to a necklace, make earrings, or even a purse adornment! They are a great way to use up a few extra beads from another project, or tackle that never ending bowl of bead soup. Materials: Silk Cord that fits your beads or pearls - I used a Size 6 in Black Beadalon Tin Cup Knotter Tool Scissors GS Hypo Cement Tierra Cast Necklace Cones (or Cone of your choice) 4 inches of Artistic Wire 18-24 gauge to make the wrapped loop Instructions: Happy Beading! Meredith

Finger Bling

As featured on Facebook Live with Wyatt!

Make quick and easy earrings with a Knotted Headpin!

I subtitled this week's Facebook Live: "Oh, snap! It's the last week of school and I need to make teacher's gifts!" There is so much going on right now, so I needed a super fast and easy, but pretty and special project. What's easier and faster than earrings? And the knotted headpin gives them just a little more style and panache. Easy peasy! Materials: 2 Beads of your choice about 6 inches of 24 Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Artistic Wire 2 Earwires 1. Cut a 3 inch length of 24 Gauge Wire . 2. Place the Wire at the tips of a Round Nose Pliers. 3. Turn a loop on the end of the Pliers. 4. Continue turning a coil of three revolutions. 5. Use your thumb to bend the wire back along the coil. 6. Turn the Wire so that the coil is on the left, and the free side is on the right. Thread the end of the Wire back through the coil. 7. Place a Nylon Jaw Pliers against the coil and hold the end of the Wire with Chain Nose Pliers. 8.