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The leaves outside are falling, but we're making a Tree of Life Pendant

The Tree of Life symbolizes rebirth and renewal, and to me, fall represents the beginning of this process as nature prepares itself to begin its life cycle again in the spring. Making a Tree of Life Pendant is a way to honor the Circle of Life while sharpening your wire working skills. That's why I chose it for the project for this week's Facebook Live. I picked some of our newer Artistic Wires to feature, and hopefully, you'll be inspired to try some new materials! Materials : 16 Gauge Hexagonal Wire 24 or 26 Gauge Artistic Wire Twisted 4mm Beads or Gemstone Chips Tools : 3D Bracelet Jig Sizing Drum (small) Nylon Jaw Pliers Wire Cutters Round Nose Pliers Flat Nose Pliers Instructions: Use the Nylon Jaw Pliers to straighten the Hexagonal Wire. Use the small 3D Bracelet Jig Sizer Drum to shape your Wire into a circle. Cross the wires over themselves and make a Wrapped Loop at the Top. Add a large hole bead for a decorative

Making a Bracelet with Baby Jewel Loom

Making a Bracelet with the Baby Jewel Loom <!-- Load Facebook SDK for JavaScript Baby Jewel Loom Baby Jewel Loom. Posted by Facebook --> This week's Facebook Live Video was all about the Baby Jewel Loom ! It was super fun to have Julianna Avelar join us from the West Coast. And a special shout out to Candie Cooper for sending her beading friends over our way! The Baby Jewel Loom is an economical, portable, easy-to-use beading loom that is also really versatile. Back in April, we showed how to make a pendant out of Artistic Wire on the Loom , but we've been getting questions about what else you can make with it. Is the space large enough to make a bracelet? The answer is a resounding YES and in the video I'll show you how to do it. The weaving area of the Baby Jewel Loom is 6 inches. When you maximize the space on the Loom, you can get a long enough loomed piece that you can add a Slide Conn

He came......He saw.....

Wow! I know I learned a LOT from Wyatt's Facebook Live Video this week! Did you know how easy it would be to cut your own charms out of copper sheet with the Beadalon Jeweler's Saw ? Wyatt has such an amazing way of breaking down a seemingly daunting technique and making it accessible to everyone. It's reason #426 why I'm so lucky to work with him! In the video, Wyatt gives some great tips for cutting, turning corners and what to listen for to know you're doing it right. The most important take away for me is that this is a technique that is going to take a little practice, but with time, you can get it no problem. Since he doesn't have a Jeweler's Bench in the office, he made a holding device using a vice with the wedge part from the  Ring Clamp . That's just one of the amazing tips that he gave during the broadcast. He also wrote up some extras for us to keep in mind while we're working: Make sure the down-stroke on the saw is as pe

Easy, Sparkly Bracelet

I made one of my all time favorite projects for this week's Facebook Live Video . It's a simple bracelet made with Memory Wire , Bead Bumpers and a Manga Tube Clasp . Supplies: Memory Wire Bead Bumpers Manga Tube Clasp Beads - I used 31x 5040 Swarovski 8mm Rondelles Tools: Memory Wire Shears Memory Wire Finishing Pliers Chain Nose Pliers Use Memory Wire Shears to cut 1 1/2 loops of Memory Wire. Use the Memory Wire Finishing Pliers to turn half of a loop on the end of the Memory Wire. Use Chain Nose or Flat Nose Pliers to carefully flatten the loop. Thread half of the the Magna Tube Clasp onto the Memory Wire large hole first and nestle the loop in the hole. (make sure the polarities of the magnet are correct so that the large holes are facing each other. Add a Bead Bumper to the Memory Wire. String on your beads - I use 31 x 8mm 5040 Swarovski Rondelles (I called them Briolettes in the video, oops!). Add another Bead Bumper and the second half of the Man