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In honor of National Poinsettia Day - a French Beaded Flower Wreath

Making French Beaded Flowers is how I got started in earnest in the beading world, and I love revisiting this technique as often as I can. Making a beaded Poinsettia Wreath is a perfect holiday project and once you learn the basics, you can make all kinds of beaded flowers for all occasions! Doing Facebook Live projects lets me take my time and answer individual questions, but we do have a YouTube Video that shows the project without all the extras. Materials: 24 GAUGE GREEN ARTISTIC WIRE 24 GAUGE RED ARTISTIC WIRE 24 GAUGE GOLD ARTISTIC WIRE 14 GAUGE COPPER ARTISTIC WIRE 28 GAUGE COPPER ARTISTIC WIRE Size 11 Seed Beads IN RED, GOLD, GREEN Floral Tape Tools: BENT CHAIN NOSE PLIERS NYLON JAW WIRE STRAIGHTENER CUTTERS SPIN N BEAD QUICK CHANGE TRAYS SPIN IN BEAD JR. Instructions Make the Center: 1. Use the Spin-n-Bead to string up gold seed beads onto the 24 gauge Gold Artistic Wire. 2. Measure out an inch of beads and turn it into a loop leaving about 6 inches of wire fro

Making holiday wreath earrings and learning a new technique using the Ring Weaver Tool by Kleshna Handel

The Ring Weaver Tool by Kleshna Handel makes 4 sizes of rings, but in the hands of master wire worker Wyatt White, it's so much more! These wreath earrings are perfect to wear to get into the holiday spirit and to gift to your favorite holiday friends! Originally, when we taught how to use the tool, we used a criss-cross weaving technique . With more and more practice, Wyatt came up with a new way of wrapping wire around the pegs which is not only faster, but also a little easier. You can either wrap to make an "innie" loop, or an "outie" loop. In the Facebook Live, we demonstrated the "innie" technique. Stay tuned for more information and additional projects on both of these techniques! To make Holiday Wreath Earrings: Materials: Ring Weaver Tool by Kleshna 24 Gauge Green Artistic Wire 24 Gauge Red Artistic Wire Earwires Instructions: 1. Start at the "hash mark" with about 2 feet of 24 Gauge Artistic Wire. Wrap the end aroun