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3 Ways to Make a Bird's Nest Necklace

This easy Bird's Nest pendant works up so quickly and can be customized to your heart's content.

In last week's Facebook Live, I showed using 3 different types of wires to use to achieve 3 different looks using the same technique:

1) 22 Gauge Artisic Wire
2) 22 Gauge Twisted Artistic Wire
3) Wire twisted with the Beadalon Wire Twister or the Professional Coiling Gizmo

Instructions for a basic Bird's Nest:
Straighten about 24 inches of wire with either Nylon Jaw Pliers or the Artistic Wire Straightener. Thread beads of your choosing (I like 3 best) onto the end of the wire leaving about a 3 inch tail.Turn the beads into a triangle and twist the wire to secure.Hold the beads in one hand and turn them around so the wire circles around the beads in a nest shape.When your nest is as thick as you'd like, wrap the end of the Wire around it in 3 or 4 places to secure it.Use the end of the Wire to make a wrapped loop on the top.Download step by step instructions with photog…

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