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The Marisol Bracelet with MultiColor Artistic Wire

Every year at the Tucson Gem Show, Beadalon debuts new products, and this year was no exception! One of the new products is the NEW MultiColor Artistic Wire, and the beaders who visited our booth at the To Bead True Blue Show were as excited about it as we are!

The Wire is currently available in 6 colorways in 18, 20, and 22 gauge. I was super lucky to be able to demonstrate with the wire at the Beadalon Booth, and even luckier that my good Beady Friend, Marisol, stopped by the booth to show me one of her wire designs. I immediately wrangled her into showing us all how to make it using the new MultiColor Artistic Wire.

The Marisol Bracelet works up so quickly, and is easy to adapt to materials you have on hand. Check out the Facebook Live, and follow along with the written instructions below:

22 Gauge MultiColor Artistic Wire
20 Gauge German Style Wire
appx. 50 8mm rondelle beads
Lobster Clasp
Jump Ring

Nylon Jaw Pliers
Bail Making Pliers
Designer Flush Cutter
Flat Nose P…
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Make a brick stitch pendant using WildFire and QuickLinks

I love taking an idea an putting a Beadalon twist on it. Beadalon sales executive, Kelli, sent me a link to a video that our friends at Beadaholique had made showing how to brick stitch beads onto a ring. I loved the technique and knew that Beadalon QuickLinks were the perfect links to bead around. Instead of keeping the rings whole, though, I cut them and turned the sides into loops like I did with these Quick Earrings with QuickLinks. I love how the components turned out!

One of my favorite ways to turn components into jewelry is to use the Beadalon Diamond Cut Ball Chain with the Ball Chain Ends. It's super sparkly and really easy to work with. I also made some earrings using the same technique. The stitching works up quickly, and uses only about 45 Delica Beads per row - a great way to use up leftover beads from another project.

20 mm Round QuickLinks
Delica Beads
Beading Needles
Diamond Cut Ball Chain
Ball Chain Ends
Lobster Clasp
Chain Maille Jump Rings


Make an Instant Pendant Necklace with Your Best Gals for Galentine's Day!

It's always a party when Sarah from Jesse James Beads comes to the Beadalon Studio! She brought new "Galentine's Day" bead mixes to debut, so we decided to have an early celebration and make necklaces using Beadalon's Instant Pendants. Even though it's a made up holiday, Galentine's Day is a great way to celebrate your special girlfriends!

With just a few materials, and some fun bead mixes, you can create lots of fun jewelry together.

Instant Pendant
Jessie James Beads
Faux Suede Cord
Jump Rings from the Findings Variety Pack

Pick an Instant Pendant and unscrew the bottom.String on some Jessie James beads in a pattern that you like.Add dangles to the bottom ring if you'd like.String the pendant onto a 3 foot length of Faux Suede Cord.Tie a sliding knot with the ends of the cord. I show a different technique in the Facebook Live Video, but this one works as well:
The JJB Galentine's Day bead mixes are limited edition, so be su…

Knotting Elasticity with the Beadalon Signature Knotter Tool

When I think about projects using Elasticity Stretch Cord, I generally think about simply strung stretch bracelets. In this Facebook Live, Wyatt shows us something different - how to use his Signature Knotter Tool to create knots in between lava beads using a double strand of 1.0mm Elasticity.

The limited edition, numbered,  Signature Knotter Tool has a handle made from zebra wood and an antique brass finish on the mechanism. There are only 1000 available, so if you'd like to own a little piece of Wyatt's heart, you should definitely jump on the opportunity to purchase one!

I love finding different ways to use my favorite materials! What a great way to create a different look using material that you likely have in your stash. Knots also help create a more secure bracelet because if your bracelet happens to break, your beads won't go flying everywhere.
Collapsible Eye Needle
1.0mm Black Elasticity
Wyatt White Signature Knotter Tool
Large Hole Beads that will fit thr…

In honor of National Poinsettia Day - a French Beaded Flower Wreath

Making French Beaded Flowers is how I got started in earnest in the beading world, and I love revisiting this technique as often as I can. Making a beaded Poinsettia Wreath is a perfect holiday project and once you learn the basics, you can make all kinds of beaded flowers for all occasions! Doing Facebook Live projects lets me take my time and answer individual questions, but we do have a YouTube Video that shows the project without all the extras.

Size 11 Seed Beads IN RED, GOLD, GREEN Floral Tape

Make the Center:
1. Use the Spin-n-Bead to string up gold seed beads onto the 24 gauge Gold Artistic Wire.
2. Measure out an inch of beads and turn it into a loop leaving about 6 inches of wire from the end.
3. Turn 10 loo…

Making holiday wreath earrings and learning a new technique using the Ring Weaver Tool by Kleshna Handel

The Ring Weaver Tool by Kleshna Handel makes 4 sizes of rings, but in the hands of master wire worker Wyatt White, it's so much more! These wreath earrings are perfect to wear to get into the holiday spirit and to gift to your favorite holiday friends!

Originally, when we taught how to use the tool, we used a criss-cross weaving technique. With more and more practice, Wyatt came up with a new way of wrapping wire around the pegs which is not only faster, but also a little easier. You can either wrap to make an "innie" loop, or an "outie" loop. In the Facebook Live, we demonstrated the "innie" technique. Stay tuned for more information and additional projects on both of these techniques!

To make Holiday Wreath Earrings:

Ring Weaver Tool by Kleshna
24 Gauge Green Artistic Wire
24 Gauge Red Artistic Wire

1. Start at the "hash mark" with about 2 feet of 24 Gauge Artistic Wire. Wrap the end around the first pin cloc…

Quick Earrings with QuickLinks

The holidays are approaching quickly, and I am in a flurry of gift making! These are my go-to earrings for gifting this year. They are super simple and fast to make, and serve as a foundation for so many different embellishment techniques.

To make the earrings, you'll need:

2 Quicklinks
Diamond Ball Chain
Diamond Ball Chain Ends
Chain Maille Jump Rings
Ear Wires
Memory Wire Cutters
2 Chain Nose Pliers
Memory Wire Finishing Pliers


1. Use the Memory Wire Cutters to make a cut in the QuickLink.
2. Bend each end back in the 2mm side of the Memory Wire Finishing Pliers.
3. Cut 4 pieces of Diamond Ball Chain about 1/2 inch long (7 balls).
4. Add a Diamond Ball Chain End to each end of the pieces of Diamond Ball Chain.
5. Use small jump rings (20 gauge 7/64") to attach a piece of the Ball Chain to each of the loops.
6. Connect the ball chain ends together at the top with another Jump Ring and attach it to an Earwire.
7. Repeat the steps to make the second earring.
8. Embelli…