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Learn to make a delicate strung bracelet that goes with everything!

This week on Facebook Live, we went back to the basics for a simple strung bracelet that goes with everything! This is one of my favorite go-to projects and not only do I gift this design often, I use one of these bracelets as a way to measure other bracelets that I'm making to get the perfect size. It's a great gift for a friend (or yourself), and always a good seller.

We did a great Facebook Live a few months ago which is a great refresher for what NOT to do when making your jewelry. I definitely recommend checking it out. This week, we focused again on proper crimping techniques. Since good crimping is the foundation for all jewelry, I think we can all benefit from a refresher! I love the energy that our group generates and how we all learn from each other.

It's always good to go back and practice the basics! Let's keep the conversation going over at the Jewelry Making with Beadalon Facebook Group!

Happy Beading,

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