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Pinch and Twist Necklace with MultiColor Artistic Wire

Once again, I got to welcome my beady friend, Emily Scott, to the Beadalon Facebook Live. She is an accomplished beader and wire worker, and it was a treat for me to learn a new technique (to me) - the "Pinch and Twist". I love this technique because it's deceptively simple, but also because it is a perfect way to use a "bead soup" mix. The Jesse James Beads bead mixes are absolutely PERFECT for this technique, and I used the Red Queen Mix that my friend Sarah James put together for me. It's also a perfect technique to showcase the MultiColor Artistic Wire!
Materials: 22 Gauge MultiColor Artistic Wire
Bead Soup or JJB Bead Mix 2 large hole beads Sari Ribbon
STEP 1 Working from the spool, string up a whole bunch of bead soup - about 36 inches of beads.
STEP 2 Leave yourself about an 8 inch tail, then move a  bead into place. Fold the wire around the bead, then pinch the wire together and twist the bead until it is captured in the wire twist. Be careful n…
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Finger Weaving With MultiColor Artistic Wire

I love taking an old technique from making friendship bracelets as a kid and updating it for my jewelry making as a grown up! This finger woven braided bracelet looks similar to the Artistic Wire Square Braid, but you can make it in any color or gauge you'd like! I recommend starting with a thinner gauge as the wire work hardens rather quickly as you are braiding it. The 22 Gauge MultiColor Wires change colors as the braid goes on for a truly unique look. 
Tools:Nylon Jaw Pliers
Bracelet Bending Pliers
Acrylic Tying Station
Tacky Mat
Bead Fix GelMaterials:22 Gauge MultiColor Wire
Upper Clasp
2 Jump Rings
4mm TierraCast Cord EndsInstructions:STEP 1
Place the Tacky Mat on your work surface and secure the top of the Acrylic Tying Station to the Tacky Mat.STEP 2
Cut 5x 24 inches of MultiColor Wire. Use the Nylon Jaw Pliers to straighten all of the wires. Fold them in half all together so the loops are all at the same place, and twist the top all together.STEP 3
Remove the top plate of the Tying …

DIY Mask Holder Necklace

DIY Mask Holder Necklace

19 Strand .018 Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire
Size 2 Crimp Tubes
Lobster Clasp
Assorted Beads (Beads shown are from Jesse James Beads)Tools:Standard Crimper ToolNipper ToolInstructions:
STEP 1Pull about 28 inches out from the spool, and use the spool clip to hold it in place. Do not cut the wire from the spool.STEP 2Snip the very end of the beading wire if it’s a new spool. String up a design of beads about 24 inches. Make sure you start and end with a small bead with a small hole.STEP 3Thread on one crimp tube and one lobster claw clasp. Thread the beading wire down through the crimp tube use the crimping pliers to crimp the crimp tube in place. Trim the end of the wire about an inch and thread it back through the beads to hide it.STEP 4Slide the beads down to the crimped part of the necklace. Leave an extra 3 inches of wire and snip it from the spool.STEP 5Thread on one crimp tube and one lobster claw clasp. Thread the beading wire down through the crimp…

Everything's coming up Rose Gold!

Rose gold is one of those finishes that just puts a smile on my face. I love how it bridges the gap between silver and gold - and goes with pretty much anything! I'm delighted that Beadalon has so many options in Rose Gold - including some new findings and wire gauges! Check out the Facebook Live Video I did going over (almost) all of Beadalon and Artistic Wire's Rose Gold product offerings. Here are some of my favorites:
7 Strand SilverRose in .015 and .018

Rose Gold Artistic Wire - 16-24 Gauge

Flat Rose Gold Artistic Wire - 21 Gauge 3mm and 5mm Rose Gold German Style Wire - 20 Gauge in Round, Square, and 1/2 Round Rose Gold Memory Wire - both Regular and Heavy Duty ColorCraft Wire - 16-28 Gauge Findings Variety Pack - 73 Jump Rings, 8 Spring Rings, 8 Lobster Clasps, 23 Tags

Instant Pendants - Ball End and Cone Ends

Head Pins and Ball Head Pins To make the project in the top photo, all you need to do is make a variety of wrapped loop dangles using the Flat Headpins and Ball Headpins. T…

Swarovski Crystals Around the World - Costa Rica "Tranquil Waters"

Starting as underwater volcanoes which then surfaced over thousands and thousands of years, Costa Rica has evolved into one of the largest, lush ecosystems in the world. Imagine yourself rappelling down a waterfall, relaxing in hot springs, hiking along the rolling fog of the cloud forest or exploring the pink sandy beaches of the Guanacaste coastline. Theses adventures paired with rich tropical flora and fauna and soft sunsets over crystal blue water were the incredible inspiration for these pieces – and our version of paradise.  Our design inspiration includes Rose Peach, Light Turquoise and Peridot color Swarovski Crystals weaved with WildFire Thread to create a tropical feel fashion accessory. 
MaterialsSwarovski® Pearls 2mm rose peachSwarovski 5000 4mm round peridotSwarovski 5328 3mm bicone crystal ABSwarovski 4127 30X 22mm Faceted Oval Fancy Stone light turquoiseSwarovski Button 1811 light turquoiseJesse James Beads TOHO Seed Beads Size 11 - Forest Floor Bead MixSize 15 Miyuki See…

Make an Adjustable Bracelet with Ginkgo Beads

My name is Meredith and I love Bead Weaving. Whether it's with tiny size 15 seed beads, large size 6 seed beads, and everything in between. I've been intrigued by all of the double holed beads that have exploded onto the beading scene in the last few years. The possibilities are amazingly endless with designing potential! This is a design that I've seen others do in different ways, but never with Bead Stringing Wire as a foundation. I also was having a challenge in sizing the bracelet given the way the Ginkgo Beads come together. Enter the perfect solution - an adjustable macrame slider. This project works up in about an hour, and since it's adjustable it makes a great gift option!

49 Strand .015 Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire
.006 Green WildFire Bead Weaving Thread
Size 2 Crimp Tubes
Polyester Braided Cord
Beading Needle

Beads from Starman Beads:
Ginkgo Beads
3mm Firepolish Beads
Size 15 seed beads
Size 6 seed beads

Crimping Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers

Beaded Tassels with the Beadalon Tin Cup Knotter Tool by Emily Scott

Some of my favorite Facebook Lives are when I have guests teach me a technique that they have developed. These beaded tassels work up quickly and easily using the Beadalon Tin Cup Knotter Tool and the Spin-n-Bead. My favorite part was learning that you can bend the end of the needle that's attached to the Carded Silk Cord to string up seed beads with the Spin-N-Bead. I'm not usually one for all caps, but this tip is a GAME CHANGER!

Beaded Tassels by Emily Scott
A quick and easy method for fabulous beaded tassels

Beadalon Carded Silk - Size 6 silk thread works perfectly with 12/0 Seed Beads
Beadalon Spin-N-Bead
Beadalon Tin Cup Knotter Tool
Beadalon Artistic Wire, 20 Gauge
Beadalon Bead Stringing Glue (optional - All knots are doubled, or you can single knot with a tiny dab of glue)
Size 11/0 or 12/0 Seed beads
Tassel Topper with hole in top

STEP 1 - Prepare Your Wire
- Cut about 6” wire. Make a large, single wrapped loop. Test to make sure this fits inside…