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Using the Battery Operated Bead Reamer

Wyatt White featured the many uses of the  Beadalon Battery Operated Bead Reamer  in last week's Facebook Live Video . Did you know that the BOBR is a quick and easy way to enlarge the holes of beads to fit over thicker stringing material? It won't make a hole, you need a drill and a different technique for that, but the BOBR will make short work of making an existing hole bigger. Always ream underwater! That means that the tip of the BOBR and the bead that you are reaming are under water. This keeps the bead and the tip from overheating. Hold the bead either with your fingers or a fiber tipped tweezers . Put it into the water and depress the button. Push and pull up and down until the hole is the right size on one side. Then, flip the bead over and repeat on the other side. Take it nice and slow. Pro Tip from Wyatt: When you cut crystal, the hole will frost because of the vibrations of the reaming. You can restore some of the shininess by putting a bit of GS Hypo Ce

Tucson Gem Shows Recap

The Beadalon/Artistic Wire Team - Madeline, Meredith and Kelly! A nice change from the wintry, cold East Coast! Madeline and Meredith getting ready for Facebook Live! Katie Hacker stopped by to say hi! Our Jewelry Television friends came by to see all the new products! Jill Weisman always puts a smile on my face! We've just about recovered from the whirlwind of the To Bead True Blue Show in Tucson! It was such a wonderful opportunity to visit with old friends and make new friends, as well. I love being at the demo table for shows because it gives me the opportunity to experiment, design and challenge myself with Beadalon and Artistic Wire products without office work getting in the way! The Tucson show was only one of the shows we exhibited at during the show season. Team Beadalon was also at Creativation in Pheonix and Creativeworld in Frankfurt, Germany. As we hopefully and eagerly anticipated, the new products were well received by c