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Bringing Chain Maille to the modern age

This week's Facebook Live Video focused on the Beadalon/Artistic Wire Chain Maille program. Lauren Andersen, the Chain Maille Lady, was instrumental in helping us set up the program that I think is a great way to begin your Chain Maille journey. Chain Maille can get a little complicated once you get into things like Aspect Ratio, Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter, etc. These terms basically mean that the rings are going to WORK with the particular weave that you've chosen. Beadalon/Artistic Wire has taken all of the guesswork (and math) out of the equation, and put together a program where we tell you which rings and gauges that you need to make each weave. I reference this handy chart every time that I'm ready to start a project. I just pick the weave that I'm going to make, check the chart for which gauge and size, pick my color, and I'm ready to roll. You can also make your own rings in any color that you wish using Artistic Wire and Ring Mandrels . That

Wire, Cording and Ends, Oh My!

The last two Facebook Live Videos have been bursting with information about designing jewelry! Wyatt took on the biggest challenge - explaining Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire, German Style Wire, and Craft Wire. Lucky for us, he is an expert on all things Wire related. I highly recommend watching his video - it's a primer on jewelry construction like no other. I love how he broke down the approximate cost of using each construction of Wire in making an 18 inch necklace: 7 strand (25 cents), 19 strand (67 cents) and 49 strand (97 cents). You can really see the benefit of using the best wire outweighs the cost. The added flexibility and durability you get for an extra 72 cents is definitely worth it to me! Wyatt also spent time breaking down the Hardness Scale that Beadalon developed to help show the differences between all of the Wire Wrapping Wires. Your designing needs will determine what kind of Wire you'll chose to work with. Beginners should start with Dead Soft Artistic W

It makes good cents to give a personalized Father's Day Keychain!

I love a good Pinterest project, and if I can use both Beadalon products and metal stamps from my friends at ImpressArt, then it's even better! Today's Facebook Live on the  Beadalon Page  featured this adorable key chain made with a penny, a Beadalon Key Ring, and a Jump Ring. How easy is that? We made it even easier to follow along in our follow up  YouTube Video . I found so many creative stamped designs by doing a quick Pinterest search - anniversaries, weddings, birthstones, etc. I especially loved the way someone assembled all of their souvenir pennies onto a key ring. I'm definitely doing that one on our next Disney trip. When a project leads to a rabbit hole of creativity, you know it's a good one! I know I'm always struggling to come up with good projects for the men in my life. I hope this one inspires you to make something for the special dad in yours. Materials: Penny with the year of your choosing Beadalon Key Ring Jump Ring  or Split Ri

This is not your Grandma's kind of knitting!

Artistic Wire Knitter Tool and Knitter/Kumihimo Weight Fun techniques always seem to come back around again, and knitting with Wire is no exception. The Artistic Wire Knitter Tools make it fun and easy to make gorgeous Wire ropes to adorn and embellish to your heart's content! In this week's Beadalon Facebook Live Video , I go step by step through everything that you need to know to make a simple knitted rope, add beads, and finish off the ends. It can be a little fiddley at first, but once you've got it down, it works up quickly and effortlessly. One of the challenges that I always have when finishing any kind of beadwork other than Crimping, is how to finish it off to add a clasp. My favorite technique for finishing off the ends is to use a Necklace Cone, and of course I'll make my own cone whenever I get the chance! Sandra Lupo's Conetastic Tool makes it easy to make your own Necklace Cones with any Wire you want to match your design. In preparing for the