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The Conetastic Tool Family

The Conetastic Tool is a handle with storage in the base that holds different mandrels in place to make bead cones, necklace cones, bead caps and more. Currently, there are 4 sets of mandrels - the three that come with the tool, plus additional sets of 3  Inverted Mandrels , 3  Hourglass Mandrels , and 5  Bead Cap Mandrels .  There are so many different sizes and shapes of mandrels! To change mandrels, use the allen wrench that 's included with the base to loosen and tighten the mandrels into the tool. Inverted Mandrels Hourglass Mandrels Bead Caps Mandrels Some of my favorite things to make with the Conetasic Tool are cones and caps for finishing Kumihimo and tassel toppers. The inventor of the tool, Sandra Lupo, joined me on Facebook Live to teach a gorgeous earring design using the inverted mandrels to create a tassel topper for a tassel made out of chain. So fun! I love that Sandra also uses a bicone as the "go-to" for between the top of the cone and the loop. It mak

Secrets to Making Stretch Cord Bracelets

One of the best places to get started making jewelry is by making stretch cord bracelets. Beadalon has two fantastic types of stretch cord to choose from  - Elonga and Elasticity .  To get started, all you will need are 3 things: 1. Stretch Cord 2. Scissors 3. Beads. Easy enough! But you know I'm going to take it to the next level with all kinds of add ons!  First things first, what is the difference between Elonga and Elasticity, and which should you choose?  Elonga  is miniature, multi-fiber elastic ribbon that is very supple.  It has a built in warning - once it begins to wear it will start to split, which is easy to see and replace.  Elasticity is a  soft, single strand elastic, all purpose cord that is strong and stretchy.  Elonga is available in 3 diameters - .3mm (.012in), .7mm (.028in), 1.0mm (.039in) - in white, and in 12 colors.  Elasticity is available in 3 diameters - .5mm (.020in), .8mm (.032in), 1.0mm (.039in) - and 5 colors - Rose Gold, Satin Silver, Satin Gold, Bl