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Don't Make These Wire Wrapping Mistakes

Whether you are brand new to wire wrapping, or a seasoned professional, it's always a good idea to review to basics. I originally wrote this post with my own tried and true tips to make your wire wrapping the best it can be, but during the Facebook Live, my beady friends had so many more suggestions, the list grew and grew! One size does not fit all - don’t use one gauge or one temper of wire for all projects. Choose the best gauge and hardness for what you’re making . You can work harden your wire by tapping it with a Nylon Hammer on a Bench Block , but don't use a flame to anneal German Style or Artistic Wire - the Tarnish Resistant coating will not react well with the flame. Don’t guestimate to make your loops the same size – make a mark on your round nose pliers with a permanent marker or use a Stepped Bail Making Pliers  to insure consistent loops. Don't forget to cut with the flush cut facing your work, hold onto the piece you are cutting off so it doesn't go flyi