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Do you wear one necklace at a time, or do you like to layer up a "neck mess"?

  Since we aren't able to visit together in person in Tucson this year, designer extraordinaire, Deb Floros, joined me for a Facebook Live instead. I'm so glad that she did because she helped me think about layering necklaces in a whole new way!   Here are some of Deb's thoughts on layering: - don't get hung up on getting it "perfect" - don't feel like you have to keep it to an odd number - experiment with two necklaces together - try pairing a shorter necklace in metal with a longer necklace in gemstones - two necklaces can have a big impact if they have a lot to say. - there are no rules!  - don't dismiss chokers as a style of the past. My big revelation? While you can layer down, you can also layer up! Not only that, but in this project, Deb uses chain to fill the negative space between the choker and the layered necklace below. Flipping the Memory Wire around, so the opening is in the front, is also a great way to play around with design possibilit

Top 10 Reasons to love MultiColor Artistic Wire

MultiColor Artistic Wire is variegated wire that has three colors in one copper core wire. You can use it the same way as you would use Artistic Wire, but you get triple the color bang for your buck! There are 6 different color combinations and three gauges to choose from. My friends over at Jewel School on Jewelry Television asked me to film a little snippet for them about why I love MCAW so much. Here's the updated list! Top 10 Reasons to Love MultiColor Artistic Wire: 10. Available in the three most popular wire gauges - 18, 20 and 22 - perfect for many wire wrapping projects including earrings, bracelets and necklaces 9. Complements so many different colors of gemstones, glass and crystal beads 8. Becomes part of the design, not just the structure 7. Makes clear beads pop and glow from within 6. 6 different color combinations, each coordinates perfectly with solid colors of Artistic Wire 5. Creates amazing variegated patterns when coiled 4. Totally unique, never before seen in