New in the Design Workshop

Check out this fun, new necklace idea using gunmetal findings and exclusive Beadalon Titanium Kink-free wire. Try your hand at creating a wire-wrapped clasp: it's easier than you think!

• 17 6mm fuchsia SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS bicones
• 14 8mm black diamond AB SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS rounds
• JWO5TI Beadalon .021 Titanium Wire
• AWD-18-24 Artistic Wire 18 gauge gunmetal
• 340C-160 16” gunmetal oval link chain
• 25 gunmetal head pins
• 356C-010 19 8mm gunmetal jump rings
• 356C-010 8 gunmetal crimp beads

Beadalon Tools:
• Wire cutters
• Round nose pliers
• 2 pairs chain nose pliers
• Round nose pliers
• JTCHASHAM1 designer chasing hammer
• JTBLOCK1 designer steel bench block
• 228S-018 designer steel block pad

* Finished length: 17"

1. Create the hook by cutting off a 3” segment of wire. Bend the first 1” of wire over a standard size pencil dowel to create a hook. Use round nose pliers to create a small loop at one end of the wire. Use round and chain nose pliers to create a wrapped loop at the opposite end. Cut off excess wire and tuck tail into coil using chain nose pliers.

2. Place center of hook on steel block and use round end of hammer to flatten and texture wire.

3. Create the simple titanium wire shapes using 3” wire segments looped and threaded into a black diamond round. Slide a crimp bead on ends of wire and compress with chain nose pliers. Cut off excess wire flush to end of crimp tube using wire cutters.

4. Create the more complex titanium wire shapes using 2.5” wire segments. Begin by looping the wire ends into a double knot (instructions here). Pull wire ends to tighten the circle, but not too tight. Circle should be about 7/8” in diameter.

5. Thread ends into a fuchsia bicone followed by a crimp bead. Crimp end and cut wire tails flush to bottom of crimp using wire cutters. The total length of these segments when crimped should be a little over 1”.

6. Create the center circle using a 3.5” segment of wire. Create the double knot as before, but do not make circle smaller. Keep wrapping the wire tails around the core of the circle continuing the double knot pattern as you work your way around the entire circumference of the circle.

7. Slide the two wire ends into a crimp tube from opposite sides and crimp. Cut off wire tails with wire cutters.

8. Remove a 16” segment of chain. Attach the hook to one end using a jump ring. Attach a second jump ring to the opposite end.

9. Create coiled dangles using all of the crystals. Attach the dangles on every other link to the chain using the jump rings in the following order working from the open jump ring end: starting on the second link black diamond wire shape (BWS), fuchsia (F) and blk. Diamond (BD) coiled dangles, fuchsia wire shape (FWS), FBD, BWS, FBD, Large Circle and FWS on the same jump ring, FBD, FWS, FBD, BWS, FBD FWS, FBD, FBD, FBD, FBD and a final FBD.

10. Add 2 coiled fuchsias, one coiled black diamond and two more coiled fuchsias to a jump ring attached to the bottom of the center wire circle.

- Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter™