Making a Katiedids™ Pendant

There are so many possibilities for Katiedids™ Creative Component! Here's a super simple pendant featuring Swarovksi Elements crystals:

1. String one 8mm clear 4mm round Swarovksi Elements crystal onto a medium ball head pin and place it in the center of the double circle pendant. Pass the head pin through the drilled holes and make a wrapped loop above the pendant to connect the head pin to an enhancer bail.

2. Cut a 4" length of .018" Beadalon 19 and pass one end under the head pin inside the smaller channel on the pendant. String 14 golden shadow 4mm round Swarovksi Elements crystals onto the beading wire, pass the end under the head pin and through the first four beads to form a beaded ring. Cut off any extra wire.

3. Cut a 6" length of .018" Beadalon 19 and use the same technique to add 23 peridot 4mm round Swarovksi Elements crystals inside the larger channel on the pendant.

4. For a quick finish, slide the enhancer bail onto a piece of chain or ribbon and attach a clasp.

-Katie Hacker

All Rights Reserved, For Personal Use Only


  1. I won a set of single circle pendants from Andrew Thornton's giveaway and I can't wait to use them. Your instructions make it all the more easy. Thank you.

  2. Nice color combination. They all make this sulky day look shinier. Specially Swarovksi Elements crystals looks good in color combination.


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