Chain Maille with Artistic Wire® Chain Maille Rings

We're thrilled to introduce our new Artistic Wire® Chain Maille Rings made especially for use in chainmaille designs. We worked closely with chainmaille expert and Beadalon Design Team Member Lauren Andersen to develop rings that are the perfect size and temper for a variety of chainmaille patterns. These jump rings are precision cut and system matched for diameter and color consistency.

The accurate inside diameters retain design aspect ratios and the consistent shape maintains consistent geometric weave. Rings can be opened and closed using the regular or bent Chain Nose Pliers. Each package contains an ample supply of jump rings to create many fashionable designs.

For easy reference, eight of the most popular chainmaille weaves such as the Byzantine, Turkish Round, Foxtail and more are noted on the back of each package, along with the sizes needed and quantity of rings to create the weave. 

-Yvette Rodriguez
Beadalon Advertising, Travel & Event Coordinator


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