Thursday, October 28, 2010

Beadalon is Hiring

Are you a motivated, independent worker with good organizational and planning skills? Visit our  "jobs" page to see our latest job postings and apply to work for your favorite beading wire company!

Not all brands of flexible beading wire are equal. For more than 30 years, Beadalon has been the originator, innovator and manufacturer of flexible bead stringing wire. We are unique in the industry in that we are the only company that makes its own wire, strand and cable for bead stringing. Other brands simply label or respool wire purchased from third party factories. We operate our own factory 24 hours a day and schedule our production according to market needs.

-Beadalon Sales Team

Monday, October 25, 2010

Little Birdie Bracelet

In this bracelet featuring German-Style Wire from Beadalon and findings from Michaels, birds are flying away from the coming cold days. Bye, bye Spring!

- Fernando Dasilva for Beadalon

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wire Wrapping Tips

Wire wrapping is going strong and you have more choices than ever when it comes to different wire shapes, strengths and colors! While many people are familiar with the terms that relate to sterling silver, it isn't always so clear where other types of wire fall in relation.

This chart shows a scale of hardness, based on comparison to sterling, gold-filled and non-tarnish brass wire. Dead Soft is the most easily manipulated type of wire, while Full Hard has the most body. Half-hard is in the center of the spectrum. Beginners are typically advised to start out with the softest wire because it's easier to bend. This prevents frustration and also allows the beginner to more easily correct mistakes. Precise wire wrapping requires wires toward the harder end of the spectrum.

Artistic Wire is available in 55 colors and 13 diameters. Non-tarnish brass resembles gold and will retain its finish and shine due a proprietary non-tarnish finish. Tinned copper, bare copper, and bare brass are the only three colors without the unique, tarnish-resistant coating. These wires will patina, or naturally oxidize and darken with time to provide a vintage look.

German Style Wire is available in four gauges and several shapes. This copper and brass wire has an anti-tarnish coating and has the perfect temper and finish for most jewelry wire wrapping uses. Fancy Round wire is constructed of two strands of round wire that have been twisted together, then run through tooling to make the outside smooth instead of textured.

Stainless Steel Wire is specially tempered wire that is stronger and has a different “feel” than other half-hard materials such as Gold-filled or Sterling Silver. Ideal for all types of wire-wrapping, weight-bearing designs, and holding designs together. Stainless Steel will work-harden faster than other wires and resembles the look of vintage platinum.

-Katie Hacker
All Rights Reserved, For Personal Use Only

Monday, October 18, 2010

As Seen in Make Jewellery Magazine

insert Make Jewellery cover

The editors of Make Jewellery, based in the UK, asked me to write a new feature called Stateside Style. In each issue, I talk a bit about what's catching my eye these days, highlight new products, share a tip, and show a quick project. There are also links to videos from Beads, Baubles & Jewels. Check it out!

-Katie Hacker for Beadalon

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More Fall Jewelry Inspiration

I was inspired by the colors of the fall landscape when I designed this long, textured necklace. I also made a black and silver version that I wear with just about everything. Jewel tones or pastel beads and stone rings would give it a completely different look!

• Materials & Tools •
• 4 brown15x18x10mm ceramic beads
• 4 brown 24mm stone rings
• 18 crystal golden shadow 6mm Crystallized™ rounds
• 12 smoked topaz 4mm Crystallized™ rounds
• 10 light brown 4mm stone rounds
• 12 tiger’s eye 4mm stone rounds
• 8 gold 18x25mm oval Quick Links™ #314A-344
• 38” gold Rolo Chain #340A-070
• 1” gold large Rolo Chain #340A-080
• 10 gold flat Head Pins #312A-223
• 10 gold ball Head Pins #312A-013
• 4 gold Eye Pins #310A-113 8 gold
• 8mm Jump Rings #314A-008
• Round-nose Pliers
• Chain-nose Pliers
• Wire Cutters

• Instructions •
Tip: To open Rolo Chain links, place the tips of Needle-nose Pliers inside the link and open the jaws so the link opens slightly. To close the link, place the tips of the pliers on the outside of the link and carefully press the ends together.
1. Separate the large Rolo Chain links so they can be used as spacer rings.

2. Pass an Eye Pin through: 6mm crystal, large rolo link, ceramic, large rolo link, 6mm crystal and make a basic loop; repeat for 3 more beaded Eye Pins.

3. Remove two 1” pieces (11 links) of Rolo Chain, then separate the remaining chain into two 6 ½” and two 11 ½” pieces.

4. Hold the 6 ½” chain lengths as one and connect an Eye Pin loop to the end.

5. Connect an Oval Link to the other end of the same Eye Pin.

6. Use a Jump Ring to connect a stone ring to the other end of the Oval Link.

7. Use a Jump Ring to connect an Oval Link to the other end of the stone ring.

8. Open an end link on a 1” piece of Rolo Chain and connect it to the other end of the Oval Link.

9. Open the last link on the piece of chain and attach it to another Oval Link.

10. Use a Jump Ring to connect a stone ring to the other end of the Oval Link.

11. Use a Jump Ring to connect an Oval Link to the other end of the stone ring.

12. Connect an Eye Pin loop to the Oval Link.

13. Hold the 11 ½” chain lengths as one and connect them to the other end of the last beaded Eye Pin.

14. Repeat Steps 4-13 for the other side of the necklace.

15. String each of the light brown stone, 4mm crystal and remaining 6mm crystal beads onto separate Ball Head Pins and make a basic loop on each.

16. String the tiger’s eye beads onto separate Flat Head Pins and make a basic loop on each.

17. Connect a light brown bead to the first link on a 1” chain section. Connect a 4mm crystal to the other side of the same link.

18. Connect a tiger’s eye bead to the second link on the chain. Connect a 6mm crystal to the other side of the same link.

19. Follow this alternating pattern to add two beaded dangles to each link on the 1” chain section.

20. Repeat Steps 17-19 for the other 1” chain section on the necklace.

-Katie Hacker for Beadalon
All Rights Reserved, For Personal Use Only

Monday, October 11, 2010

Beadalon Design Team Scoop

Beadalon Design Team Members Katie Hacker and Fernando Dasilva just returned from an inspiring, educational trip to the SWAROVSKI NORTH AMERICA Headquarters in Rhode Island.

The training included an amazing trend presentation featuring SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS' innovations for Autumn/Winter 2011/12. According to their report, "The latest innovations look back in order to move forward, and draw on nature and botanics for inspiration. "

One of the highlights of the trip for both designers was getting to know some of the other CREATE YOUR STYLE Ambassadors and their favorite techniques. Wire wrapping, wire crochet and combining metalsmithing techniques with crystals are among the hot trends in that group.

Katie and Fernando are both teaching classes using Beadalon and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS at CREATE YOUR STYLE in TUCSON 2011. And, Beadalon is sponsoring Fernando's workshop on the SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Creativity Cruise Hope to see you there!

-Beadalon Blog Team