Monday, February 21, 2011

Interchangeable Pendant: Katie Hacker

Here's a quick idea for an interchangeable pendant. The bail clips onto ribbon, chain or any type of stringing material so you can easily switch the pendant out. Attach one to the front of a handmade card for a quick, last-minute gift!

1. Start by passing a head pin outward through the upper two holes on a Katiedids™ Creative Component #356B-526.
2. Make a wrapped loop to attach the head pin to a removable bail #353B-010.
3. Cut a 4" piece of .015" diameter Beadalon 19 silver color and pass it under the head pin.
4. String fifteen SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS 4mm black diamond rounds onto the wire and pass the other wire end through the beads in the opposite direction to form a circle. Press the beads down into the channel on the component.
5. Use E6000 to glue a crystal flower into the bezel in the center of the component.

Katie Hacker
Beadalon Design Team Member

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  1. La semaine derniere je me disais que ce serais une bonne idée de faire un pendentif qui pourrais avoir deux fonctions ...un avec un pendent et l'autre seulement le collier
    Je vois que je ne suis pas la seule a avoir pensé a cela .Tres bonne idée