I Resolve to be More Organized!

Accountability is one of the most important factors in resolution keeping, so this week's Facebook Live was our two week check-in to see how we're coming with our organization resolutions. I keep my office *mostly* organized, but once I brought in one of each of the Beadalon Wooden Organizers, I was pleased with how much better it looked in my office/creative space. Not only did it look better, but objects that I am constantly searching for - like glue and sizing drums - now have dedicated homes. Less time spent looking for things equals more time creating.  That's a resolution that is definitely a quality of life improver!
The Wooden Organizer that I already had in my office is the Beading Station. I set mine up a little differently than we show in the catalog, and that's a great testament to how versatile of a unit it is. The top rods can be used for storing tools, or wire/wildfire/chain spools like I do. The trays hold any number of tools, findings or supplies, and…

Multipliers - two heads are better than one!

This week's Facebook Live Video focused on the ingenious invention by Wyatt White, the Multipliers! This two-headed pliers cuts the time it takes to make wrapped loops almost in half! I don't know about you, but these days anything that saves me time that I can use to be doing other things is a must have. Wyatt showed how to make a gorgeous wrapped loop bracelet that one lucky viewer will receive as a thank you for joining us live. We have several written instructions for how to use the multipliers, but now that we've been using them for a bit, we've discovered an even better way to use them.

To make the wrapped loops, use your choice of Wire - Wyatt uses 18 gauge Silver Filled German Style Wire, but you can also use Precious Metal, Artistic Wire or Craft Wire. Wyatt makes his loops a little differently than I learned, but his loops are always perfect, so I think it's time for me to change up my technique.

Start by taking out a length of wire and straightening it.…

New Year's Resolution - Get organized!

Happy New Year! We are in a whirlwind of getting ready for the upcoming Trade Shows right now. We hope you can visit us at the following shows:

January 20-22, 2018 Phoenix, Arizona
To Bead True Blue
January 27- February 1, 2018 Tucson, Arizona 
January 27- February 1, 2018 Frankfurt, Germany
We'll be doing unscheduled Facebook Live Videos from all of the shows debuting our new products, so don't forget to set your notifications! 

This year, my resolutions include visiting family and friends near and far - get your spare bedrooms ready! But every year, I resolve to get more organized. By focusing on keeping my work space cleaner and more accessible, I am able to spend more time creating, and less time looking for stuff. 
Beadalon offers so many great options for organization, and I featured some of my favorites on last week's Facebook Live Video.
Storage Rings - Great for small findings, Crimp Beads and Tubes, Bead Bumpers and Small beads. Bead Boxes with and…

Tying Station Take 2 - Ladder Stitch with Beadalon Wire

As a follow up to last week's Facebook Live with Wyatt showing us how to make Beads out of Artistic Wire using the Acrylic Tying Station, this week, I featured the Tying Station again to make ladder stitch wrap bracelets with a twist. When you think about making a wrap bracelet, you probably think about using leather or cording and thread, but I like to make wrap bracelets with Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire. That way, they are waterproof and much more durable. Plus, the Bead Stringing Wire gives it a new, unique, and more grown up look.

While the Acrylic Tying Station is a great tool to make it easier to hold the Wires in place while you are weaving, you can certainly do this technique with a clip board or a bead tray.

Acrylic Tying Station and Foam Extender Plate
Tacky Mat
19 Strand .024 Bright
19 Strand .018 Bronze
(I used these in the Video, but you could use almost any combination of Beadalon Bead Stringing Wires you have in your stash.)
Clasp of your choice
Size #2 Crim…

Wire Beads with Wyatt White

Did you know you can use the Acrylic Tying Station with Artistic Wire, too? We've done several cool projects made with Artistic Wire on the Tying Station, and this week's Facebook Live featured Wyatt's Knotted Wire Beads. Leave it to Wyatt to come up with another super creative way to turn small pieces of wire into usable jewelry components.

Once you get the basics of the Macrame Knots down, the possibilities are limitless. Use 26 Gauge Artistic Wire for a small, fine design, or 20 Gauge Artistic Wire for a more substantial piece. You could vary the size of the center Wire also, to make a bigger or smaller hole. As always, Wyatt does a great job explaining everything and inspiring us to try out even more materials and techniques.

What a great project for a last minute gift!

16-26 Gauge Artistic Wire
Acrylic Tying Station

Set up the tying station with a 16 Gauge Wire as the base.Use 20-26 Gauge Artistic Wire to tie a variety of macrame knots a…

Wreath Earrings with the Kleshna Ring Weaver Tool

The holidays are right around the corner, and we've got you covered for gifts for the special ladies on your list (and go ahead, make some for yourself, too!). With just a few feet of Artistic Wire and the Kleshna Ring Weaver Tool, you can whip up a pair of Holiday Wreath Earrings in a jiffy! In a bigger rush? Make a Pendant and attach it to a pre-made Chain and you're off.

18" of 26 Gauge Green Artistic Wire
18" of 26 Gauge Red Artistic Wire
1 foot of 22 Gauge Silver Filled Wire

Kleshna Ring Weaver Tool
Findings Forms S Hook
Findings Forms Swoop Earwire Jig

Assemble the Kleshna Weaver Tool to the ring size of your choosing.Twist the ends of one 18" piece of Red Artistic Wire and one 18" piece of Green Artistic Wire (or colors of your choosing) together.Start at the hash mark, and weave around the tool (Check out this great video by Kleshna and this one by Wyatt for more detail on how to use the Kleshna Ring Weaver Tool).Weave 4 roun…

Make it Quick with Beadalon Quick Links!

Need a last minute project that works up in a jiffy? Look no further than Beadalon's Quick Links program! Available in a variety of different shapes, sizes and finishes (and even finished chains), the Quick Links connect together with Quick Links Connectors - little peanut shaped pieces of metal that easily bend closed to capture links into place. You can find down and dirty instructions for attaching a Quick Link Connector to a Quick Link here

When I start a project with Quick Links, I put them out and just start placing them in various combinations until I find one that I like. There are so many possibilities, and of course, the real fun starts when you start adding beads to bling out the design! In the video, I show how to attach a jump ring to a top drilled bead or make a simple loop on a headpin to use a regular bead, then add them to the Quick Links Connectors to embellish my design.

This necklace is just one of an unlimited number of combinations that you can make with Qui…