Do the Watusi with Wyatt!

It was a dance party in the Beadalon office for today's Facebook Live featuring the fun and funky Watusi stringing technique. It's a different way of using Bead Stringing Wire than traditional stringing that has a beautiful payoff.

For the bracelet in this video, Wyatt used
2 pieces 12 inches long of .024 White 49 Strand Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire; beads that can accommodate 2 strands of the .024 Wire: and
29 inches of 19 Strand .018 Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire

Pro Tip: Use a Spool Tamer to keep your Beading Wire from unraveling!

There are written instructions here, and I like how Wyatt tweaked the original technique a little bit in the starting and finishing. Crimping onto a 3 strand clasp makes for a really tidy start and finish. I love that once you learn the technique, there are unlimited variations! You can use different sizes of beads, different shapes of beads, different numbers of beads, etc.

I'll be back next Wednesday to keep the party going! Is there anythin…

Kleshna's Ring Weaver Tool

Beadalon/Artistic Wire Product Manager and Education Director, Wyatt White, took on today's Facebook Live Video and demonstrated how to make a super fun and sassy woven ring made with the Kleshna Ring Weaver Tool. Kleshna's original Bracelet Weaver Tool was recognized as one of the top innovative new products by the Craft and Hobby Association when it debuted in 2016, and it's baby sister is just as fabulous.

We kept the best parts of the Bracelet Weaver and shrunk it down to make rings in approximate sizes 4, 6, 9, and 11. This Weaver uses knurled pegs for a much faster assembly which Wyatt shows in detail in the video. You find the written instructions for setting up and weaving rings here.

Materials used in the video:
24 Gauge Artistic Wire Tarnish Resistant Silver
Size 16 Silk
Kleshna Ring Weaver Tool

Wyatt always has the best tips and tricks for making projects easier and more fun. Using the carded cord is great because the attached needle makes for easier rewarping. It…

Happy Mother's Day Necklace and Earrings with Beadalon Quicklinks

Being a Mama is hard work, and what better way to show the special mamas in your life how much they mean to you than with a personalized birthstone necklace made with Beadalon's Quicklinks? There is a quick video that I made last year on Beadalon's YouTube Channel, but I thought it would be helpful to take a longer walk through of this project on today's Facebook Live.  Materials:
314B-320 Quick Links
326B-414 Quick Links Connectors
AWD-22S-10-08YD  22 Gauge Tarnish Resistant Silver Plated Artistic Wire
A314-20S-10-02 20 Gauge Artistic Wire Chain Maille Rings
340B-060 Diamond Cut Ball Chain
338B-201 Ball Chain Ends
322B-012 Tag
315B-032 Lobster Clasp
Beads of your choice Instructions:
Wrap the beads onto the Quick Links using the 22 Gauge Artistic Wire and link them together with the Quick Link Connectors. Attach the Ball Chain Ends to the Ball Chain with Chain Nose Pliers, then use Jump Rings to attach one end of the Chain to the rings and the other to the Tag and Clasp. And here i…

The Baby Jewel Loom by Julianna Avelar

We had so much fun this week with our dual coast Facebook Live withJulianna C Avelar, inventor of the Baby Jewel LoomandMama Jewel Loom. The Baby Jewel Loom is a great choice for beginning Loomers (like me!) because it’s always in the warp position – you don’t have to worry about getting the correct tension with the Rod like with the Mama Loom. It’s great for quick, smaller projects – and you can also make larger projects by sewing together multiple pieces. Check out Julianna’s latest book,Jewel Loom Inspirationsfor more project ideas.
For this project, I used Size 6 Czech Seed Beads and 26 Gauge Champagne Artistic Wire. You can use all types of materials with the Looms, including (but not limited to) Leather CordWildFireHemp Cord, Beading Thread, Ribbon, Nymo and B-Lon. Pro Tip: To best thread WildFire onto the Jewel Loom Needle (or any needle), first use flat nosed pliers to flatten the WildFire. Then it should slide through the eye of the needle no problem! In addition to Seed B…

The easiest bangle bracelet ever!

I'm still playing around with the thick gauges of Artistic Wire this week, and I love this trendy bangle that's super easy to make. It's a perfect project because it doesn't take too much wire, and you can use any beads that you have lying around - as long as they have holes large enough to fit over the wire. I like wearing a few stacked together when I want to make a bold statement. To make the bangle, wrap the wire around the Artistic Wire 3D Bracelet Jig 3 times. Use an Artistic Wire Crimp Connector with a Mighty Jaw Crimping Pliers to secure the two wires together. (Here's a great video Wyatt did that breaks down this technique step by step.) This is my favorite Cold Connection technique. The Nylon Jaw Bracelet Bending Pliers are the perfect tool to put a slight bend in the straight Crimp Tube. Use 20-24 gauge wire to wrap beads around the bangle in a symmetrical or random pattern. Its as easy as that! You can see the whole demo by tuning into the Facebook Live…
It was a beautiful Spring day here in Pennsylvania yesterday, so we had class outside for this week's Beadalon's Facebook Live Video! One of the things Beadalon/ Artistic Wire specializes in is Heavy Gauge Wire - 1012 and 14 Gauges round out the category that spans from 10-34 Gauge. Originally, we were going to demonstrate a cool bangle bracelet (check in next week for that one!), but it was so nice outside that we were inspired to blow some bubbles - and the 14 gauge Artistic Wire is perfect for making a whimsical, beaded bubble wand! I like using Memory Wire Shears to cut the thicker gauge wires. Because they are such a heavy duty cutter, they make it much easier to cut - and easy is good! I cut about 2.5 feet of 14 Gauge Tinned Copper Wire and wrapped it around a 3D Bracelet Jig, but any round object in the right size will work. Then, I made a wrapped loop to secure the circle into place. In the video, I used my hands to form one of the wands into a heart!  Next, I added…

It's time to upgrade your childhood friendship bracelet!

Some of my best memories are from being a day camp counselor. Most of all, I loved the camp crafts, especially making friendship bracelets. Fast forward several many years, and I still love friendship bracelets, but now with a more grownup twist. Enter the Beadalon Tying Station - the perfect tool to use to make both old school and more "grown up" friendship bracelets.

In this week's Facebook Live Video, I talked about using the Tying Station with both B-Lon Bead Weaving Thread and Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire to fancy up your friendship bracelets. I love using the Tacky Mat to hold down my Tying Station. Incidentally, the Tacky Mat is great for holding down the Tassel Maker, too.

The B-Lon is a great thread to use since it is strong, knots up well, and doesn't stretch. And the Silver Color and Gold Color Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire makes the insides of crystals sparkle like you wouldn't believe. Missed the Video? You can catch up on it and all of the past Faceboo…