Trendy, simple bar necklace tutorial

Hey beading friends! Yesterday on Facebook Live, I made a super fun and fast Bar Necklace with Swarovski Crystals and Beadalon Wire and Chain. Everywhere I look, I'm seeing people wearing multiple layered necklaces, and one of them is usually a Bar Necklace. I love how easily this necklace works up. I've made them to match almost everything I wear!

We posted a step by step YouTube Video that has all of the part numbers and instructions. This is one of my favorite projects and it uses some of my favorite Beadalon Findings!  All you need to add is a few beads from your stash and you're ready to get started.

Diamond Cut Ball Chain 340B-060
Ball Chain End 338B-201
Chain Maille Jump RingA314-20S-10-02
Lobster Clasp 315B-032
Open Circle Tag 322B-014

Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers

To get started, Cut 2x 8" lengths of Diamond Cut Ball Chain.
Attach a Ball Chain End to all four ends with Chain Nose Pliers.
Attach a Chain Maille Jump Ringon all fou…

Rustic, Western, Vintage, Patina, and Organic - NEW Antique Copper Color Artistic Wire!

The Team at Beadalon is so excited to be able to present our newest color of Artistic Wire.....Antique Copper Color! Wyatt White explains and demonstrates all of the information in this week's Facebook Live Video. The wire comes in 12, 14 and 16 gauge and even has Artistic Wire Crimp Tubes in the corresponding sizes to finish off the ends. Those Crimp Tubes are a game changer when it comes to finishing off large gauges of Artistic Wire. You can make a neat and tidy cold connection to finish off your designs by using the Mighty Crimping Pliers (for 12 and 14 Gauge, Regular Crimping Pliers for 16 Gauge) and the Nylon Jaw Bending Pliers. Wyatt is such a wealth of information and tips and tricks for working with Wire. Make sure you watch the video to see how he puts it all together!
Wyatt shared some innovative and deceptively easy to make designs he made with the new Wires. The 3D Bracelet Jig is a great tool to use, as is the Professional Deluxe Coiling Gizmo (look for an upcoming Fa…

Find your Zen in Beads

On yesterday's Beadalon Facebook Live Video, I shared a fun project that featured the Beadalon Knotter Tool and Tassel Maker to make a Mala Necklace. A Mala Necklace means different things to different people, and the internet is a wonderful labyrinth of interesting information, but at its core, it's a prayer necklace of 108 beads that is used during meditation.

For my inspiration, I was looking at a project on the Rings & Things website by Mollie Valente. She used the Beadalon Tassel Maker and Cotton Tassel Cord with some gorgeous beads. I loved her instructions and how she broke it all down, but I wanted to make my necklace with knots in between my beads rather than seed beads like she used. I also used B-Lon Tex 210 Beading Thread for my Tassel. But I did keep the TierraCast charm at the back of the necklace - just one of those little touches that make the design more special. Thanks for the inspiration, Mollie!

You can use any gemstone, glass or other bead that suits you…

The Beadalon Team's JTV Experience

The Beadalon Team had an AMAZING time at the JTV Experience hosted by Jewelry Television July 17-21, 2017! I had the pleasure of finally meeting the lovely Kleshna, inventor of the Bangle Bracelet and Ring Weaver Tools. We celebrated the birthday of the talented Sara Ellis, and it's always a good time when Wyatt White is part of the party! We even got to see Beadalon Design Team member, Candie Cooper, as she was running to her class that was televised LIVE. We all taught classes as part of the event, and my students had the opportunity to work with the Elastic Cord Needle and Elonga Stretch Cord. Everyone agreed that the Elonga was a great option for making stretch bracelets - look for more information about it soon.  My second class used the Katie Knotter Tool, designed by Katie Hacker. Did you know that if you don't have the right sized table for the C bracket, you can use a Beadalon Tacky Bead Mat? That mat comes in handy in so many ways! We made fun bangle bracelets using…

Kleshna, Inventor of the Bracelet and Ring Weaver Tools was here!

She flew across the pond, direct from England to visit us and we couldn't get enough of her! Kleshna is a true joy to be around, as her passion for jewelry making is infectious. Not to mention her British accent is fun to hear!

To not shorthand her talent, here is her bio from her page:

Kleshna Handel is a vibrant and creative British jewellery designer, maker and teacher with over 25 years of industry experience. Well known for her lively jewelery making shows on Jewellery Maker TV and sell out in-studio jewellery making courses, Kleshna champions old world craft techniques teamed with a modern design approach. Kleshna’s design career took off at London Fashion Week, exhibiting an eclectic collection of exquisite hand crafted jewellery in Swarovski Crystal and silver. From here Kleshna’s artisan jewellery brand grew year on year and blossomed into an established British Jewellery boutique with a list of celebrity wearers. The iconic collections went from strength to strength and …

Bringing Chain Maille to the modern age

This week's Facebook Live Video focused on the Beadalon/Artistic Wire Chain Maille program. Lauren Andersen, the Chain Maille Lady, was instrumental in helping us set up the program that I think is a great way to begin your Chain Maille journey. Chain Maille can get a little complicated once you get into things like Aspect Ratio, Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter, etc. These terms basically mean that the rings are going to WORK with the particular weave that you've chosen. Beadalon/Artistic Wire has taken all of the guesswork (and math) out of the equation, and put together a program where we tell you which rings and gauges that you need to make each weave. I reference this handy chart every time that I'm ready to start a project. I just pick the weave that I'm going to make, check the chart for which gauge and size, pick my color, and I'm ready to roll.

You can also make your own rings in any color that you wish using Artistic Wire and Ring Mandrels. That's a vid…

Wire, Cording and Ends, Oh My!

The last two Facebook Live Videos have been bursting with information about designing jewelry! Wyatt took on the biggest challenge - explaining Beadalon Bead Stringing Wire, German Style Wire, and Craft Wire. Lucky for us, he is an expert on all things Wire related. I highly recommend watching his video - it's a primer on jewelry construction like no other. I love how he broke down the approximate cost of using each construction of Wire in making an 18 inch necklace: 7 strand (25 cents), 19 strand (67 cents) and 49 strand (97 cents). You can really see the benefit of using the best wire outweighs the cost. The added flexibility and durability you get for an extra 72 cents is definitely worth it to me!

Wyatt also spent time breaking down the Hardness Scale that Beadalon developed to help show the differences between all of the Wire Wrapping Wires. Your designing needs will determine what kind of Wire you'll chose to work with. Beginners should start with Dead Soft Artistic Wire…