Monday, January 30, 2012

Live from the Tucson Gem Shows

We're back at the To Bead True Blue show at the Reid Park Doubletree in Tucson, Arizona this week. It's a great place to see what's new and check in with your favorite artists. We'll have daily demonstrations of new products, including Artistic Wire Mesh.

If you're in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by! If you aren't in the neighborhood, mark your calendar for next year's show – this is an event you don't want to miss again! Here's where you can find the Beadalon Design Team throughout the week:

Lauren Andersen: Tucson Electric Park
Dale 'Cougar' Armstrong: Tucson Electric Park
Fernando Dasilva: To Bead True Blue and Create Your Style in Tucson
Katie Hacker: To Bead True Blue and Create Your Style in Tucson
Margot Potter: Create Your Style in Tucson
Leslie Rogalski: To Bead True Blue and Create Your Style in Tucson
Wyatt White: To Bead True Blue

Check Beadalon's Facebook page for photos from the shows!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We're On the Road Again!

The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA)
Winter Conference and Tradeshow is the place to be to see what's new in the craft and creative industries.

Beadalon has a booth in the exhibit hall and will present two workshops during the event:
Gratitude Journal with Jewels, Sat. Jan 28, 7-9pm

Artistic Wire Mesh & Katiedids, Sun. Jan 29, 6:30-8:30
Katie Hacker

Katie Hacker will also moderate an exciting panel discussion on beading trends for 2012. It's Sunday, Jan. 29, 3-5pm. Don't miss it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Peyote Stitch Tips: Leslie Rogalski

So many people have contacted me lately with the desire to learn peyote stitch. Perhaps it is the release of the new emag Fabulous Peyote Stitch with Crystal Accents.  Who can resist adding crystals to a stitch so wildly popular?
Everyone wants to learn!

Peyote stitch is sometimes called the gourd stitch. It is considered a Native American technique but is found in many other cultures around the world. Why is it called "peyote?" Wiki says the gourd stitch was traditionally used to decorate ceremonial objects in rituals involving peyote mushrooms, sacred rituals. That's all I know about it except it has to be THE most popular bead stitch of all time.

In case you are really new to bead stitching, there's also tubular, circular, and multi-drop versions of peyote and about every other stitch. So think how many things you can create even if you only know one stitch, such as peyote. It's rather exciting.

Also, using Delica or Toho cylinder beads gives peyote that perfectly flat fabric many beaders admire. Try Delica size 10s--they are a bit larger than size 11 and should make it easier on your eyes, and help enable your success. And remember to keep your thread tension snug and consistent, that will also help your work turn out best.

Find links to this Tree of Life pattern and others at my blog:

Leslie Rogalski
Beadalon Design Team Member

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wrap Bracelets: Meredith Roddy

I’m obsessed. I can’t get enough of these wrap bracelets. They are super easy to make and popping up everywhere. I started making them with Leather Cord, moved to rubber tubing and then wondered how Beadalon Beading Wire would work. Turns out, using .024 or .030 Silver Plated or Gold Plated Beading Wire for the base and .012 or .013 Silver Plated or Gold Plated Beading Wire for the wraps gives a gorgeous result! There are many variations to these bracelets, but here are some basic instructions.

Wire Wrap Bracelet
Designed by Meredith Roddy

JW12GP-10FT 49STRD WIRE .024" GOLDPL 10'
JW09GP-15FT 19STRD WIRE .012" GOLDPL 15'
Gold spacer beads 6mm tubes
Gold spacer beads 3mm tube
Swarovski Elements 6mm cubes

 1. Measure your wrist and determine how many times you want the bracelet to wrap around your wrist.  Add 2-3 inches to this for how long your .024 Goldplated Beadalon Wire should be and double it.

2. Fold your wire in half.  String a #4 crimp tube over both wires. Size the loop so it will fit over your bead or button clasp. Add the strand of .012 Goldplated Beadalon wire and crimp.

3. Cover your crimp with a crimp cover.

4.Secure each end of the bracelet to a clipboard to make beading easier. Use a piece of cardboard in-between the clips and the wire to minimize damage (I use a folded over business card).

5. Form figure-8s with the .012 Beadalon Wire onto the cord, coming up from the bottom and over the top of the the two strands of .024 wire.

6.Thread the 3mm gold bead on the .012 Beadalon Wire.  Go over the top of the top cord then feed the wire under the cord and go back through the bead you just added. Go over the cord on the bottom, around and through the two .024 Beadalon Wires to to come up from the bottom.

7. Thread a 6mm gold bead on the .012 Beadalon Wire and repeat step 6 to hold it in place.

8. Thread a crystal on the .012 Beadalon Wire and repeat step 6 to hold it in place.

9. Repeat steps 6 and 7 until your bracelet is the desired length.

10. When you get to the end, make another figure 8 with just the Beadalon Wire, string a #4 crimp tube over the three wires and crimp.

11.  Snip the .012 Beadalon Wire and cover the crimp tube with a crimp cover.

12. Add the button by stringing the Beadalon .024 Wires through and back around. Secure underneath with size 2 crimp beads. 

13.Wear and enjoy!

Meredith Roddy
Beadalon Sales Executive

Monday, January 16, 2012

Artistic Wire Mesh: Leslie Rogalski

Have you seen our latest ad in your favorite beading magazine? Here's a link to the free instructions for Leslie Rogalski's Black Rose Necklace using Artistic Wire Mesh:

You can also watch a fun, informative video about Artistic Wire Mesh from Julianna Hudgins on YouTube

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Heart Wrappers: Fernando Dasilva

Wrappers are basically frames with notches around the edges. You can use them to wire-wrap and secure beads, stones or other findings within. Anything you make will become three-dimensional with lots of texture to it.
Above a simple charm bracelet using flat oval tiger-eye and howlite briolettes (dyed turquoise color). I used hematite 22-gauge Artistic Wire® to wrap the stones within those marquee shape Wrappers. It's my lucky charm bracelet. Watch those eyes!
Above, a way more complex piece made with several Wrappers filled with DeCoRe clay. I mixed small portions of the epoxy clay and kept it in place holding between my fingers and pressing one side down onto the back of a SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS crystal mesh.
On the opposite side, I set small pointed Swarovski® stones. The "ghost" touch was done gluing a piece of black Artistic Wire mesh on top of DeCoRe® clay as well.

Gunmetal chains work as the foundation of the piece, and then circles of black Beadalon 49 strands beading wire were added to it. Last but not least, I brought those peacock Labrador Czech glass beads to the spotlight because I feel like they would add that fabulous metallic print look. Those beads can be found through John Bead Corporation.

Fernando Dasilva
Beadalon Design Team Member

Monday, January 9, 2012

Live Wire Jewelry: Katie Hacker

I'm thrilled to present my new book, Live Wire Jewelry, available later this month from North Light books. It's chockfull of ideas for stylish, wire-wrapped jewelry using Artistic Wire and SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. 
The idea for this Istanbul Necklace grew out of some of the projects I made for Live Wire Jewelry. The instructions are free in the Beadalon Design Workshop and will give you a little taste of what you'll find in Live Wire Jewelry. Bon apetit!

Katie Hacker
Beadalon Design Team Member

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beadalon on TV: Lauren Andersen

Tune in Sunday and Monday 10am-noon for my appearance on on JTV's Jewel School!We're ringing in the New Year in style with unique collections of Beadalon products along with lots of eye candy in my artistic signature look. See you there!

Lauren Andersen
Beadalon Design Team Member