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Check out Bead Master Animated Instructions

Here's a free Sunburst Necklace pattern that will take you from easy stringing to painless stitching. Click the necklace pattern link for a sample of the fully animated Bead Master instructions and experience the future of beading!

Bead Master  is a revolutionary technology for learning how to bead. It makes difficult designs a lot easier to understand because you can see the thread pathways inside the beads. The animated on-screen instructions have play, pause, rewind and fast-forward controls, making Bead Master a powerful  and easy-to-use instructional tool for beaders. 

The Sunburst Necklace pattern is just an appetizer so you can see how the Bead Master system works. The full, copyright-free Bead Master collection is available as an instructional DVD or in 22 individual kits with instructional CD-roms. You can reproduce the Bead Master Collection designs for sale or teach them as beading classes.