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Mixed Media Tips & Techniques

“Mixed Media” is all the rage in the jewelry making world as of late.  It’s a catch-all term for designs created with a surprising mixture of techniques and materials.  Fibers play joyfully with inks and papers and beads to make unique, one of a kind jewelry creations. Traditional crafting is being turned on its ears and it’s resulting in some amazing new ideas. 

Designers are wandering the craft aisles, flea markets, thrift shops and hardware stores in search of interesting new materials. They’re re-imagining recyclables into gorgeous wearables. They’re making jewelry out of found objects and repurposed items. They’re breaking rules and making new ones in the process. It’s an exciting time for the burgeoning mixed media jewelry designer and Beadalon has a vast array of products the mixed media jewelry designer can integrate into their work. 

We’ve been updating our jewelry making projects on the newly redesigned Beadalon website and there are a plethora of great new mixed media ideas for your perusal. If you’re curious and want to try something new, check out the following mixed media project links for some fun ideas that will get your creative juices flowing in some exciting new directions: 

Queen Barksalot Doggie Collar

Furry Fall Necklace

Girly Twirly Bracelet

Sunburst Necklace 

Remember Me Necklace

Spiked Wire Necklace

Daisy Drops Necklace 

Orbital Necklace

My Little China Girl Cell Phone Charm

If you want to explore the idea of mixed media jewelry design a little further, you might enjoy my new book Beyond the Bead. It’s a great intro for the novice mixed media jewelry artist and it’s filled with fabulous Beadalon products.  

-Margot Potter for Beadalon