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Tips for Working with Seed Beads

Seed beads are beading staples but they can be tricky little things! There are a lot of great products that make it easier to organize and work with them. Check out my Beading Lesson Video #905 for an overview of my favorites listed here.

Tacky Mat: The Beadalon Tacky Mat is a sticky mat that keeps beads and pieces in place while you're working. It does not leave a sticky residue when you remove items from the mat. If the mat gets dirty, simply "recharge" it by washing it under warm water. Let it dry and it will be sticky again. 

Bead Mat: Soft, comfortable Bead Mats keep small parts from rolling around, and cushion hands while stringing beads. When you pour seed beads onto the mat, they land with the hole facing up, which makes them easier to string because you can press the needle downward directly into the hole.

Needle Tubes: Store sharp and small beading stringing needles safely and securely with wooden Beadalon Needle Tubes. The square tube won't roll around on your work surface while the round tube makes a great surface for getting started with tubular peyote stitch. Mark the needle size on top of the cap for easy identification.

Flocked Tri-Trays: Flocked bead trays are great for working with small beads, findings, and other loose beading items. The triangular shape and lightweight design make them the perfect choice for quick organization. For a portable workstation, place a bead mat, tacky mat and flocked tri-trays inside a wooden tray or cookie sheet.

Stack Drawers & Storage Ring: Stack drawers slide together in a stack or in a row so you can customize your organization. The Storage Ring contains eight individual containers, which easily slide together side by side. To stack them, simply snap into place. Positive locking caps keep even the smallest items from escaping. One 10g tube of seed beads fits inside each compartment.

Bead Scoop & Shovel Tweezers: Access beads of all sizes from bins, storage containers, and mats with a compact metal scoop or shovel tweezers. Or, use the scoop or shovel to quickly clean seed beads off your workstation and return the beads to their containers.

Be sure to stop by on Thursday for a clever, free peyote cuff bracelet pattern by Meredith Roddy!

-Katie Hacker for Beadalon


  1. Love the sticky bead mat. Keeps my crystals from bouncing all over the room.

  2. Wow! Thanks for all the good information. I am on my way out right now to buy the Tacky Mat! Thanks and great beading!

  3. Hey
    I really like ur blogs and thanks for the info on buying the roundnose pliers, now I can make jump rings and things!


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