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Finishing Multiple Strand Jewelry Designs


Multi-strand designs add a lot of style to any outfit and they're easy to make when you know the tricks. Start with a bead board to arrange the pattern and end with one of the following techniques to finish the necklace or bracelet. Choose the clasp/method that will work best for your design:

Multiple-strand clasp:

1. Use a crimp or Scrimp® finding to attach each strand to a loop on the clasp.

Decorative connector:

1. Use a crimp to attach each strand to a loop on the decorative connector.

2. Use a jump ring, split ring or wire-wrapped bead link to attach the connector to a clasp.

Beading cone:

1. Cut a 3" piece of wire.

2. Make a small wrapped loop on one end.

3. Knot or crimp the strands to the wrapped loop.

4. Pass the wire through the wide end of a beading cone.

5. Make a wrapped loop to at attach the clasp outside the narrow end of the beading cone.

Double or Triple EZ-Crimp™ clasp:

1. Pass one beading wire through a hole on the EZ-Crimp™ end.

2. Place the smooth portion of the EZ-Crimp™ finding inside the jaws of the EZ-Crimp™ pliers.

3. Squeeze the pliers so the coiled wires close around the beading wire.

4. Move the pliers down the EZ-Crimp™ finding and make an additional crimp so the entire length of the finding is securely attached to the wire.

Double Scrimp® finding:

1. Loosen the screws on both parts of the Scrimp® finding.

2. Pass one wire through the hole on the short part of the Scrimp® finding.

3. Tighten the screw on the short part of the Scrimp® finding.

4. Pass the other beading wire through the long part of the Scrimp® finding.

5. Pass it through a Wire Guardian™ and the clasp loop.

6. Pass it back through the Scrimp® finding.

7. Tighten the screw on the long part of the Scrimp® finding.

-Katie Hacker for Beadalon