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Hot Jewelry Trends: Exposed!

Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed (F+W Pubs 2009), co-authored by the Beadalon Design Team, shows you how to create stylish jewelry using the hottest trends as inspiration.

“Velveteen” by Katie Hacker is a rich combination of velvet tubing woven between crystals to create waves - the effect is casual chic. This necklace can be paired with a black cocktail dress and be a staple for the holiday season. For a variation, you could replace the original colors with a combination of light smoked topaz and vintage rose crystals strung onto the new Beadalon champagne wire. The result will be incredible! Katie also designed “Night Sky”, a lovely necklace spotlighting jet star pendants, another trendy item in the current jewelry world.

Margot Potter created “Moonstruck,” a layered necklace made with two different style of chains connected by spacer bars, which is a very trendy look for fall. This project is very flexible and you can replace any other pendants for an equally glamorous look. Margot also designed “Dazzle,” another perfect choker for the holiday season with an edgy concept. These projects are easy to make and you get a bold effect. This moment is the right time for big and bold jewelry, so take advantage of that and release your inner Frida Kahlo!

My set of bracelet and chandelier earrings called “Lakshmi” is a inspired by opulent, ornate gold jewelry from ancient days that is very popular this season. My “Lady of the Rings” necklace favors the chain maille style, which is very easy on this version. This project gives the reader a non-stress chain maille project since the necklace is structured by a repetition of opening and closing jump rings. The shape is unique and those Crystallized components add glam to this look.

So, pick a copy of “Exposed” and start planning your next looks for the upcoming season. Cheers!

-Fernando Dasilva for Beadalon