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Wire Wrapped Necklace Pattern

Wire wrapping is hot! Use new German Style Copper Wire to create this fabulous rosary-style necklace. German Style Copper Wire has an anti-tarnish coating and it's the perfect temper and finish for most jewelry wire wrapping uses.

Coppered Star Necklace

by Fernando Dasilva

• Materials & Tools

• Four 6mm Montana round Crystallized beads *

• Four 6mm Crystal golden shadow round Crystallized Beads *

• Six 11 x 8mm Crystal bronze pear shape Crystallized Pearls *

• Six round luna gold black Venetian glass beads

• One blue/topaz(bicolor) Venetian Moretti glass star pendant*

• 1 copper flower bead *

• 27 copper 6mm jump rings – 314P-005

• 6 ft copper German style wire – 180CU-022

• 1 set of copper toggle – 323P-006

• Beadstrom™ chain nose pliers – 201P-011

• Beadstrom™ round nose pliers – 201P-014

• Beadstrom™ flush cutter – 202P-01512

This necklace is assembled on rosary style chain. Make all links separately first and then start assembling all parts together.

• Instructions •

1a. Cut a piece of wire that is 2” bigger than the bead.

1b. Make a wrapped loop on one end. (make 2 full turns)

1c. String one glass pearl and make another wrapped loop. Trim excess wire and set aside. Make more 5 of these links and set aside.

1d. Repeat same previous steps to create links using all blue and golden shadow crystal beads. Creating beaded Venetian links

2a. Cut a piece of copper wire that is 4’ bigger than the bead.

2b. Make a wrapped loop on one end.

2c. String on one of the Venetian glass bead.

2d. String wire back through the same hole twice, adding an extra flair on the outside surface of your bead.

2e. Make another wrapped wire. Make 5 more of these and set aside. Making star pendant

3a. Cut a piece of wire that is 5 inches bigger than the star.

3b. Make a wrapped loop (make 5 turns) on one end of your wire .

3c. String star onto the wire placing wrapped loop on top point.

3d. Wrap it around flat side of star and then come back around the loop twice. Trim excess wire. Assembling necklace

4a. Open 3 jump rings. Attach two jump rings to two flower loops skipping one loop between them.

4b. Attach 3rd jump ring to centered bottom loop and then to star pendant loop.

4c. Use one jump ring to attach all individual beaded links to each other. Follow the pattern below starting from focal point of necklace (star pendant): One blue + one Venetian + one pearl + one blue + one golden shadow + one Venetian + one pearl + one blue + one golden shadow + one venetian + one pearl + one blue

4d. Open a jump ring to attach half of copper toggle.

4e. Repeat same process to finish other half of necklace. Switch crystal beads position to add more interest to your piece, all the other beads remain in the same position.

4f. Add other half of toggle.

* Not a Beadalon item.

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