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Our Most Popular Tools for Beading

Bent chain nose pliers? Split ring pliers? Jump ring maker? Sometimes it seems that there is a never-ending array of tool choices out there. And, once you’ve decided what you need, there are even more levels of quality and different prices to chose from. How does a beader decide which tools are best?

Most beaders agree that the most essential tools are: chain nose pliers (similar to needle nose, but with small, smooth jaws), round nose pliers, wire cutters and a crimping tool. Each of these tools comes in different styles, from the most basic, economical versions to enhanced, higher quality tools.

I always maintain that the style of tool a beader prefers is a personal decision. Rarely do two beaders agree on which type is their favorite. Some people have smaller hands and like a smaller tool, while some people think a pretty handle is the most important factor. Some people (like me!) can’t get enough tools and love having choices, choices, choices! Remember, your tools are there to make your designing easier, more fun, and ultimately more durable over time. The right tools can make the difference between a beginner effort and an heirloom quality piece. Better tools make it easier to perfect your beading techniques.

I suggest investing in the best tools that you can afford, since you will likely upgrade over time anyway. My favorite, and one of our most popular lines of tools, are the Sparkle Tools.

We’ve also just introduced the Pocket Tools which are great for travel and beading on-the-go. The jaws are the same size as standard tools, the handles are just shorter.

Some of our other popular tools include those from the wire-working category like the Wire Twister & Jump Ring Maker Combo Set We’re adding new tools all the time. Check out the new nylon jaw round nose pliers and aluminum ring mandrel. Be sure to ask for these and other Beadalon tools at your local bead shop.

Do you have a favorite Beadalon tool that makes design work easier? Leave a comment and let us know!

-Meredith Roddy for Beadalon


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