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Free Necklace Pattern: Gold Swirl Eye Necklace

Make a big statement this fall with Fernando's dramatic necklace design! The combination of glass, gemstones and satin cord creates a luxurious look that's sure to draw compliments.

Gold Swirl Eye Necklace

Materials & Tools

• Two medium size red jasper nuggets
• Two 12mm coin shape gold stone beads
• Two medium flat oval tiger eye nuggets
• Ten 14mm large hole melon shape horn beads
• One large gold swirl Chinese bull eye lamp work glass pendant
• 36” beige satin cord - 134R-031
• 8” silver-plated 24-gauge German style wire - 180B-024
• Six silver-plated ball head pins –312B- 111
• Thirtyfour silver-plated solid oval rings – 314B-520
• Two silver-plated flat oval rings – 314B-121
• Two silver-plated medium quick links connectors – 326B-414
• One silver-plated badge clip – 337B-008
• Stringing glue – 215A-020
• Beadstrom™ semi-flush cutters – 202P-015
• Beadstrom™ round nose pliers – 201P-014
• Beadstrom™ chain nose pliers – 201P-011


1. Start making all the dangles. Make two with gold stone coins, make two with red jasper nuggets and two with tiger eye flat medium oval beads. Fed one bead through ball head pin. Make a simple loop on top of bead and wrap around its neck twice. Trim wire and set aside. Repeat same step to complete all dangles.

2. Slide glass pendant onto a double beige satin cord. Add two oval solid rings on each side of cord necklace and make sure it’s snagged enough to hold centerpiece in place.

3. Pick one side to work with it or work simoutaneously on both sides.

4. Splits the satin cord and insert one single strand onto a melon bead(large hole) and a second strand passing by the outside surface forming almost a arch like.

5. String 5 oval solid rings onto double cord and repeat the sequence until you have 4 large bead strung on it.

6. Make a simple knot using both strands of cord, add one large bead (same previous manner) and make a second knot.

7. Give a two inches space, add a flat oval ring between both strands and tie a third knot. To secure it in place wrap 4 inches of German style wire tying both strands together next to knot.

8. Attach badge clip as a clasp using one quick link connector.

9. Finish the other side of necklace repeating previous steps.

10. Use a few dabs of Beadalon stringing glue on both ends of necklace’s knots.

- Fernando Dasilva for Beadalon