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Dr. Beadalon to the Rescue!

After spending almost three years with all of the Beadalon pieces and parts, I’m still discovering new uses for old things (sound like your beading stash?). One of the many benefits of quick access to so many neat components is that when a beading problem arises, there is a host of solutions at my fingertips, and some of the most talented designers around to ask for advice.

As I was finishing up my latest project – 8 double stranded simple looped bridesmaid’s necklaces for a friend’s wedding – I was really struggling with the best way to finish them off so that they would lay correctly. Use a jump ring? Too jumbled. A bead cone? Too bulky. Loop them all together? Just not right.

Then, I consulted with product manager (and jewelry designer) Wyatt White. Wyatt suggested using ball head pins to connect the last beads to a 3-hole spacer. Aha! I added a pearl on each opposite side, and, voilá! Now I had a perfect way to keep the linked chains evenly spaced so they’d lay flat against the back of the neck.

-Meredith Roddy for Beadalon