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Fernando’s Bead Society Workshop

I recently taught a workshop for the New Jersey Bead Society and it was fantastic! The ladies enjoyed the project, loved the crystal components, and were surprised by the high tech findings from Beadalon, including the Beadmaster flash animation that I used to teach the class.

For the workshop, I created a variation of one of my projects from Bead and Wire Jewelry Exposed, the book I co-authored with my fellow Beadalon Design Team Members Katie Hacker and Margot Potter. This version uses black rubber tubing with CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements in red magma, black diamond and jet colors. It suits the fall and winter seasons well.

I was lucky to have such nice participants in this workshop and it seemed like they had no problem understanding my Brazilian accent. (Accent!?! What accent? LOL) I see a workshop as a great venue to promote your designs skills, business and the brands behind you but on the other hand, is an exhausting gig. I am thankul that I had a lot of people helping me!

-Fernando Dasilva for Beadalon


  1. wow, wish I was cleaver enough to do this type of thing. I am going to try in the near future. Your inspirations are wicked


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