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Beadalon Acquires Artistic Wire


Beadalon Acquires Artistic Wire

Valley Township, PA (December 1, 2009) – Beadalon, the leading manufacturer of bead stringing wire and jewelry making products, announced today that they acquired Artistic Wire, supplier of permanently colored copper wire and tools.

“Artistic Wire is an excellent fit for Beadalon. Artistic Wire is the leading brand of permanently colored wire for jewelry and crafts, and they offer the largest selection of wire with 13 gauges and 55 colors,” said James F. Clark, president of Beadalon. “And Beadalon is the leading manufacturer of bead stringing wire. We have been making wire for 33 years. The two product lines complement one another, and our in-house manufacturing and spooling capability enable us to control quality, speed delivery times, and to engineer and develop new products into the future.”

“Beadalon has the marketing, sales, and operations to grow Artistic Wire in ways that we could not. Under their direction, our customers will gain access to a wide range of high quality jewelry making and fashion craft products,” said Sean O’Brien, Vice President of Artistic Wire. “Beadalon also has a talented design team and the company places strong emphasis on educating consumers and showing them step-by-step how to use the wire and tools to make finished designs.”

“The timing of this transaction could not be better. Metal-smithing and wire wrapping are among the fastest growing trends in the fashion craft market right now, “ said Michael J. Shields, Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Beadalon. “This acquisition gives Beadalon and our customers immediate access to the very products that consumers are craving. In addition, we will introduce over 225 new products in January, many of which are for wire working, and this combination will keep our brand in front of the market. Plus, Artistic Wire has a strong presence in scrapbooking and the paper craft segments, which helps to diversify our business.”

Customers on both sides of this transaction will benefit on day one from improved packaging, new Artistic Wire products, and the expanded care of Beadalon’s larger customer service and sales staff. Distributors and wholesalers will also be able to utilize Beadalon’s convenient on-line ordering website to place orders and check purchase history. Consumers will benefit from enhanced packaging and from the continuous stream of step-by-step instructions and a wider range of helpful tips on using the products to make great jewelry and crafts. The company also plans to develop new, innovative merchandise and to grow both product lines.

Artistic Wire has been in business since 1996 and is the leading supplier of high quality colored wire to the bead and craft industries. They offer the most extensive line of colored wire, including permanently colored copper wire, non-tarnish brass, non-tarnish silver plated and non-tarnish silver-plated colored wire. Artistic Wire products are used for jewelry, beading, scrapbooking, stamping, home & garden d├ęcor, and various other applications.

Beadalon has been manufacturing wire in the USA since 1976 and is the originator of flexible bead stringing wires. Beadalon is the only company in the industry that actually makes its own wire. The company offers a full range of beading supplies, including the largest selection of bead stringing wire, exclusive cords and stringing accessories, innovative findings, wire wrapping supplies, organizers, tools, and more. Beadalon provides high quality products, competitive prices, friendly and knowledgeable customer service, and prompt delivery.

Ask your retailer for Beadalon and Artistic Wire branded products. For more information, please visit our websites at and, or call us toll free at 1 (866) 423-2325. High-resolution images of all Beadalon and Artistic Wire products are available upon request.

Contact: Yvette Rodriguez Beadalon
Event Manager/Marketing Coordinator
1 (866) 423-2325, extension 102


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