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Embellished Jewelry Pouches & Giveaway

This year, several people on my holiday gift list are getting jewelry. (Shh…don’t tell!) My mother-in-law likes toggle bracelets and my sister has her eye on a long necklace that she can wear to work. Since they can surely guess they’ll be getting jewelry from me, I like to add a little something extra with the packaging.

I’m planning to present each design in a little organza jewelry pouch with a personalized tag. I use an embellished cell phone strap to attach the tag, so the recipient can cut off the paper tag and attach the charm to her phone or media player. If you have a little more time, you could make the whole piece more permanent by using a custom metal or resin name charm. These cute embellished pouches also make fun packages for party favors, stocking stuffers and last-minute gifts.

Are you making lots of jewelry gifts this year? Post a comment below, and we’ll randomly select one lucky winner to receive a package of cell phone straps and a selection of organza jewelry pouches. We’ll collect comments for one week.

-Katie Hacker for Beadalon


  1. What a lucky family you have, I bet they are spoilt with your talents, I bead baubles for Christmas, and have done some jewerly in the past and have promised to do some more in the new year. You have so many lovely ideas. x

  2. yes, I am making some charm bracelets and wood bead necklaces inspired by some things I've seen online

  3. Am, I making lots of jewelry for Christmaspresents this year? That's all I've been making for the last several weeks. Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings mostly.


  4. I always have good intentions but before you know it, it's Christmas and I've only made about half of what I intended. Oh well, there's always next year!!

  5. I have been making earrings and ornament covers so much until I even dream about it. The earrings are for my daughters and granddaughters and I gave an ornament cover to both daughters already, didnt want to wait until Christmas because then they wouldn't get to display it.

    Merry Christmas everyone.


  6. I am making Christmas themed lapel pins w/ seed beads & swarkovski crystals as last minute stocking stuffers.


  7. This years jewelry presents are not just our fused glass pendants. I have finished them with 3 strands of beadalon 19 strand wire and the scrimp magnet clasps - such a neat finish and if need be - easy to change length or design (added some beads, too.) First time I used the 19 strand versus the 7 and what a difference it is.

  8. Tracy DeRose1/02/2010 12:10 AM

    Although the holidays have already passed, this was my first Christmas as a beading enthusiast and boy was I busy. I made my sister-in-law and her daughter three bracelets each, and my mother and mother-in-law each got four bracelets and 2 right-angle weave Swarovski pendants. This along with a few extras pieces sprinkled in for fun totaled 21 bracelets, 3 pendants, an amulet bag and a partridge in a pear tree ; ) Ive just started learning chain maille and between my beading, peyote and off loom beadwork, and chain maille I have more ideas than I have time! And all because I was laid-off in October...I dont have time to work, Im having too much fun making jewelry!


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