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Free Pattern: Square Duo Necklace

Are you still looking for the perfect necklace to wear to your next holiday party? Try this stylish take on a multiple strand chain from our Design Workshop – your inner diva will thank you!

Materials & Tools

• Two 30mm crystal silver shade Crystallized elements with Swarovski®

• 2 ft gold plated small oval Quick Links chain (340A-310)

• 1 ft silver plated small oval quick link chain (340B-310)

• One ½ ft silver plated round dash quick links chain (340B-350)

• Fifteen Quick Links connectors (326B-414)

• Six silver plated pinch bails (327B-024)

• Two gold plated pinch bails (327A-024)

• Beadstrom semi-flush cutters (202P-015)

• Beadstrom chain nose pliers (201P-011)

Designer’s tips:

You can make this necklace longer or shorter. Just add or subtract the amount of links and use connectors to make the pattern that suits you the most.

1. Remove 3 big gold plated oval links from gold plated oval link chain keeping connector on both sides. Set aside.

2. Cut a 13” length of round dash chain. Cut one link of chain( 2inches away from one of the ends) and replace with a big gold oval link from step 2. Attach both ends using the connectors that come already with it. Set aside.

3. Cut one 12” length of silver plated oval chain. Remove 2 small oval links so you will end up with 7 big oval links. Then replace one of the big silver plated links with one oval link from step 2. Set aside.

4. Cut one 10” length of silver plated oval quick link chain. This portion must have 5 big oval links alternated by 6 small oval links. Replace one of the links with a oval gold plated link from step 2. Cut and attach it to chain using connectors. Set aside.

5. Using pinch bail pliers to attach one gold pinch bail onto each square stone. Pinch the outer portion of it until both points are inside of hollow hole.

6. Attach round dash chain to stone through pinch bail rings using one silver plated connector on each side. This is the longer strand of your necklace.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to attach chain section from step 3 to stone. Use silver plated connectors.

8. Repeat previous step to attach shortest chain (step4).

9. Attach one silver plated pinch bail to each of the opposite side of square stone .

10. Cut two 7” piece of gold plated oval chain. This portion must have 4 big oval links and 3 small.

11. Attach to pinch bail from step 9 to create the back of your necklace.

12. Add EZ lobster clasp to one of the ends and your necklace is ready.


1. Cut 2 sections of oval quick link keeping a single oval quick link between 2 large oval quick links and then set them aside.

2. Cut four 2 ‘ of pink chain and set them aside.

3. Attach round quick link to oval quick link using quick link connector. Add two pieces from step 4 to other side of oval quick link using another connector.

4. Attach the other side of quick link from step 5 to a flower quick link and one piece from step 1.

5. Attach one section from step 2 to previous piece. Repeat step 6 adding another section of crystal bicone and one flower quick link.

6. Attach two 3’ pieces of chain to previous flower quick link.

7. Add one section from step 2 to piece form step 8 and another chain section to it.

8. Add one more section form step 6, plus one oval quick link and one more flower quick link.

9. Add one more section of 2 pink chains.

10. Attach previous section to one single oval quick link and this one to one round quick link.

11. Add last flower quick link with bicone to same round quick link from step

12. This is the middle of your necklace. Add the two last pieces of pink chain to this link.

13. Add two small crystal bicone to the end of each strand of pink chain.

-Fernando Dasilva for Beadalon

Square Duo Necklace © 2009 Fernando Dasilva, this design is intended for inspiration only