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Technicolour Bracelet

Holiday time is the perfect time to make jewelry – it reduces stress, plus, then you have more jewelry to sell or give as gifts! Make twisted jump rings galore and combine them with Crystallized™ - Swarovski Elements for unique, one-of-a-kind statement jewelry.

• Materials & Tools •

• Four 17mm Burgundy CRYSTALLIZED™ polygon pendant Article 6015

• Nineteen silver plated 4mm jump rings – 314B-003

• Three gold plated 6mm jump rings – 314A-005

• Twenty-two copper 6mm jump rings – 314P-005

• One oval rhodium plated Upper Clasp with crystal belt – 303W-277

• Four silver plated medium bails – 327B-010

• 4 ft 24 gauge brown ColourCraft® wire – JD24-Brown

• 1 ft 24 gauge red ColourCraft® wire – JD24-Red

• 1 ft 24 gauge gold ColourCraft® wire – JD24-Gold

• ColourCraft® Wire Twister – 228A-100

• Jump ring maker tool – 228A-051

• Flush cutters – 202E-001

• Jump ring opener tool – JTJRT

• Instructions •

1. Open one 4mm jump ring and attach to one ring of clasp. Close jump ring gently.

2. Cut brown wire in 3 pieces of 1ft each. Place each wire onto a hole of disc of wire twister and attach wires to sturdy object. Pull the wires straight and start twisting wires until it breaks by itself.

3. Screw 14mm mandrel into the base of jump ring tool. Insert one inch of brown twisted wire into hole of mandrel base and fold down. Insert your finger into the large hole in the base and start turning clockwise while holding mandrel and wire on the other hand. Use flush cutters to cut 4 rings.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to make ten 12mm multicolored twisted jump rings.

5. Once you have all twisted rings ready start linking rings following pattern below:

6. Open one copper jump ring, attach to 4mm jump ring and then attach to one 14mm brown ring and one 12mm multicolored ring. Close carefully and then add a second copper jump ring.

7. Attach section from step 6 to 3 copper jump rings and then to one multicolored ring.

8. Now attach one 4mm jump ring to section from step 7, add one gold plated jump ring and another 4mm jump ring. Close jump ring gently. Add a second 4mm jump ring to same section.

9. Open one 4mm jump ring attach to section from step 8 and then attach to one multicolored ring. Close gently and add a second 4mm jump ring on same manner.

10. Attach 3 copper jump rings to previous section and then to a 14mm ring and one 12mm ring. Close carefully. Repeat all steps until you have a 4th 14mm ring attached to entire linked section.

11. Attach clasp to bracelet structure using a single 4mm jump ring on each side of clasp.

12. Open gently with your fingers seems of twisted rings and add a pendant pinch bail to each section. Close carefully.

13. Close bail around pendant holes.

Optional: Add a dab of BeadFix to each seems of twisted rings and let it dry.

-Fernando Dasilva for Beadalon

Technicolour Bracelet © 2009 Fernando Dasilva, this design is intended for inspiration only