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Introducing Katiedids™ Creative Components

Catalog 30 has some exciting surprises in store, including my new line of co-branded products with Beadalon! I invented these specially engineered Katiedids™ Creative Components to make it easy for people to add a customized, hand-beaded look to their findings. Each of the seven different pieces provides a channel-set effect for beads, flatbacks, fibers, polymer clay, resin, and more.

The donuts, sticks and pendants can be filled in a simple manner, allowing beginners to easily add a high fashion look to their hand beaded jewelry. Or, designers can use more advanced techniques to personalize and set their work apart. The channels in the components provide a framework, but you make them your own.

I can't wait to see all of the amazing jewelry you make with Katiedids Creative Components!

-Katie Hacker


  1. Congratulations! Very cool - I can hardly wait to see them!

  2. just saw this on the cover of my latest BeadStyle mag - LOVE this!


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