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Ideas for Katiedids™ Creative Components

This is an easy, elegant necklace using the Katiedids donut, Bead Ready™ wire and 4mm round crystals. Pass the wire through an outside hole and 15 crystals, then pass it through the first 7 crystals to form a beaded circle. Place the circle inside the component, then pass the wire end through the opposite hole. Adjust it so the component is at the center of the necklace, then attach the clasp.

The pendant is really dramatic! String 4mm crystals onto beading wire to form a circle and place it in one of the channels. Repeat for the other channel. Pass a head pin through a 8mm crystal and through the drilled holes on the component, then make a wrapped loop for a bail.

The long stick components make great earrings or you can incorporate them into necklace designs. For the earrings pictured here, I passed a head pin through 4mm crystals and the upper drilled hole to add extra movement.

-Katie Hacker