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Love Wire Crochet?

I taught this necklace at the recent CHA show in Anaheim. This is a basic crochet chain stitch done with a thin gauge of wire and embellished with beads. In my usual ‘impatient’ fashion, I found a way around having to crochet each bead on the wire. This is a fun trick you can master fairly quickly and expand upon with ease. Try not to make your stitches too big, or the necklace will get very long and the crystals will slide through the holes.


25 4mm indicolite AB xilion cut Crystallized™-Swarovski Elements bicones

25 4mm violet xilion cut Crystallized™-Swarovski Elements bicones

1 27mm crystal Crystallized™-Swarovski Elements Galactic pendant

4 314B-344 18x25mm Beadalon QuickLinks™ large SP oval

5 314B-310 12mm Beadalon QuickLinks™ small SP circle

26 gauge silver plated Artistic Wire

2 357B-010 SP cone ends

315B-035 16mm SP swivel lobster clasp

6 314B-005 6mm SP jump rings

1 314B-009 10mm SP jump rings


Round nose pliers

2 pairs chain nose pliers

Wire cutters

Crochet hook size F5

Final length: 18”

  1. You can either work from the spool, freeing up about 4’ of wire before you start or cut off that length from the spool.
  2. You’ll need to keep conditioning the wire as you progress by running it through your fingers, this works out any kinks as you work and keeps the wire supple.
  3. Tie the end of the wire on your hook leaving a 1” tail and a loop through which you can fit the crochet hook.
  4. Thread the crochet hook into the working wire and pull it through the first loop and back up. You’re making a basic crochet chain stitch, but this doesn’t have to be perfectly spaced or methodically approached, try to have the stitches be similar in size and open.
  5. Continue stitching the wire with the hook, working out kinks with your fingers and making sure the wire is unkinked before you pull it through each loop. You can use your nylon jaw plies if you get some stubborn little wire kinks to straighten things out.
  6. When you reach your 100th stitch leave a 2” wire tail.
  7. Cut a 2’ length of wire.
  8. Wrap it around one end of your crocheted wire.
  9. Thread an indicolite bead on the working wire and thread wire back into the next opening in your crocheted wire.
  10. Skip an opening. Thread a violet bead on the working wire and thread it into the next opening in your crocheted wire on the opposite side of the indicolite bead. You’re making an ‘s’ pattern.
  11. Continue alternating between indicolite and violet beads and inserting the wire into every other stitch. They should be about 7/8” apart.
  12. When you reach the 25th indicolite bead thread the working wire into the core strand and then wrap the remaining wire around the core tail. Cut off any excess wire.
  13. Thread the wrapped wires on one end into a silver cone. Use a pair of chain nose pliers to make a coiled loop and cut off any excess wire. Tuck wire tails into themselves with chain nose pliers. Repeat for opposite side.
  14. Attach the galactic pendant and one small QuickLink circle to the center of the necklace using the 10mm jump ring.
  15. Thread a QuickLinks circle and a QuickLinks oval on a jump ring and into the crocheted wire after the fourth bead from the center on each side.
  16. Thread another QuickLinks combo into the crocheted wire after the third bead from your first set of QuickLinks using a 5mm jump ring.
  17. Attach a jump ring to one of your coiled ends and a jump ring with a swivel lobster to the other.



Margot Potter The Impatient Crafter™

All Rights Reserved, For Personal Use Only