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Beading Parties

Tupperware parties maybe a thing of the past, but nowadays, beading parties are becoming more popular in American households. Beading parties are a great inexpensive way to get a group of friends together to create something personal and wearable. Hosting a party doesn't take too much effort, as many beading supplies can be purchased in large quantities. What makes a beading party unique, is the ability to create jewelry for the novice who thought making jewelry was very intricate and difficult and at the same time sharing some laughs and having fun.

Heidi Boyd, an avid crafter and author of numerous crafting titles such as Simply Beaded Bliss and Simply Beautiful Beaded Jewelry, helped contribute to an article on beading parties featured in this month's Woman's World magazine. The article features some great ideas on how to host a party with essential supplies including Beadalon wire, and some personal touches. Thanks Heidi!

Yvette Rodriguez
Event Manager/Marketing Coordinator


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