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First Monday Giveaway

It has been a while since we've done a First Monday Giveaway! This month, we want to know your thoughts about beading trends. Which ones are your favorites? Which ones are coming up or going away?

Our Design Team is constantly watching trends and we bet you are, too. Share your ideas in a comment on this post and you'll be entered to win a copy of Beads 2010, just published by Interweave Press. We'll collect comments for one week and then randomly select a winner. Check back to see if you've won!

Beads 2010 includes

· 179+ editors’ favorite beads of 2010

· 15 inspiring projects with step-by-step instructions

· The editors' top 5 picks for jewelry trends (and how you can get the look)

· 14 pages of beading resources

· Cool organization solutions for at home or on the go

· A list of bead shows in your area

· Plus, much, much more!

Design Team members Margot Potter and Katie Hacker are quoted in Beads 2010: Margot says, "I'm fascinated and thrilled by the current trend in the haute couture houses toward mixed-media jewelry…" and Katie says, "The vintage trend isn't going anywhere soon…" Check out this issue for more trend tips from the pros!

-Beadalon Blog Team


  1. I'm loving the use of polymer clay beads in vintage and floral pieces this spring. It adds such beautiful dimension.

  2. Oh-oh! *raises hand* Pick me!

  3. I love, love, love Beadalon and I love the way our jewelry is hitting the 'Red Carpet' with the stars! It's fabulous to see it featured in so many of the current magazines! Wow...'bout time!
    Donna Z.....Chesterland, Ohio

  4. oh pick me!

  5. I love seeing the mixed-media trend as well, and I also love that designers seem to be using more vintage pieces as well as vintage inspired supplies!

  6. I think Spring and Summer 2010 bead trends are going to focus on small scale beads, in muted and monochromatic palletes. Light and airy beads will make delicate pieces and to up the visual impact, we'll layer multiple bracelets and necklaces. Matching or coordinated pieces will be a big trend.

    Into the Fall, I think more colors, particularly neon and super saturated colors, will make an impact.

  7. Suzanne St-Pierre5/04/2010 12:20 PM

    I love shopping for new beads! I'm new at making jewelery and I love to learn new techhiques by reading magazines. Can't wait to read this one!

  8. I would love to have Beads 2010 magazine. I have a hard time keeping up with all the changes and such. Please pick me.....

  9. I do enjoy many types of beadweaving and have so many beads, I would love to learn what is happening now...I know Steampunk is popular, but I am trying new forms such as making my own ceramic beads and metal clay.

  10. I am loving all the big, chunky jewelry and layering!

  11. This is a great idea, "First Monday Giveaway"...I use your stringing wire exclusively in my items due to its high quality. I really love all of your products, and truly appreciate all the ideas, tips and techniques displayed on your blog, website and newsletters. I would love to be a winner

  12. I've always liked that vintage has been slowly making a comeback...I see parts of it in pieces every day. I like that trends come and go but jewelry lasts forever!

  13. Dayi Hildebrand5/08/2010 12:34 PM

    I love the mixed-media jewelery, it lends itself to the very creative jeweler. I also enjoy chain maille designs. There are endless opportunities for variations within a design.

  14. love the magazine, alotof useful ideas one can use in other ideas.

  15. Big bling has been in for quite a while... I think we'll see the daintier pieces re-emerging. More of a '50s look. And wild color this summer!


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