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More Mixed Media, Please!

Mixed media is a hot trend in jewelry making and it's so easy to get great results!

Check out this Wishing Star – the same technique would make a fun pendant or colorful charm bracelet dangles.

Wishing Star Cell Phone Charm by Margot Potter


• 4mm Rose Swarovski Crystal Round

• 4mm Olivine Swarovski Crystal Round

• 4mm Jonquil Swarovski Crystal Round

• Chain Tag Open Circle

• Blank Wooden Star

• Two 5x12mm Screw Eye Hooks

• Three 8mm Jump Rings

• Three SP Head Pins

• One Small SP Swivel Lobster

• One Cell Phone Lanyard

• One Circle Pix Image from Art Chix Studio (or small image of your own choosing) “wish” phrase printed in Times New Roman 9pt.

• Sparkle Mod Podge

• Liquid Laminate™ Beacon Adhesives

• Green Apple Anita’s Acrylic Paint

• Small Paint Brush

• Battery Operated Bead Reamer

• Round Nose Pliers

• Chain Nose Pliers

• Flush Cutters

• Scissors or Exacto Style Knife


1. Ream holes to accommodate the eye screws using your bead reamer. The holes must be wide and deep enough to accommodate the screws, to prevent splitting the wood. They should be at the top point of the star and at the indentation directly below the top point. Use your chain nose pliers to secure the eye screws as you gently twist them into the star.

2. Paint the star on all sides and allow to dry. Use the screw tops as handles to prevent smearing while you paint, and rest the star on its side on two points to prevent smudging while it dries.

3. Brush a small amount of liquid laminate on the back of the paper image and press it on the front of the star. Repeat with the word, placing it overlapping the top of the image on an angle.

4. Paint the entire star with Sparkle Mod Podge, allow to dry.

5. Paint the top with a layer of liquid laminate and allow to dry. Repeat. Make sure you have no air bubbles, pop these with a small pin or gently shake them out.

6. Create coiled top head pin dangles with the three bicone crystals. Slide them on an 8mm jump ring. Attach this to the bottom of the bottom screw with another 8mm jump ring. Attach a final 8mm jump ring with the open circle tag to the crystal jump ring.

7. Attach the swivel lobster to the cell phone lanyard jump ring using pliers.

8. Check back through the jump rings to ensure that they are all securely closed.

Project for personal use only, not intended for resale.

- Margot Potter

The Impatient Crafter