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Getting Organized

During a recent workshop, one of my students told me that she loves this picture of my messy office. She said it makes her feel better knowing that my office is a wreck! After a good laugh, her comment led to a great conversation about getting organized. Here's a glimpse into the studios my fellow Beadalon Design Team members and co-authors of Bead & Wire Jewelry Exposed, Margot Potter and Fernando Dasilva:

Storage Rings are a great way to organize small beads and findings. The compartments seal tightly and they pull apart, making it possible to take just a few sections with you at a time. These are great for workshops, too. 

You can store Beadalon wire spools, Dandyline and other items in the eight vertical bins of the Wooden Organizer Caddy. Margot uses two units side by side on her worktable. The flat, open space on top of the caddy is a good place to stash items that you want to keep close at hand. A drawer provides more vertical space, giving this little caddy a small footprint that can make a big impact on your organization.

Fernando's number one tip is cleaning up the last project before you go onto the next one. I am terrible at this! His workspace is a model of organization. Divided Plastic Boxes keep larger components separated and easy to find, while Storage Rings and a Wooden Caddy provide room for other beading must-haves.

Watch these videos for more ideas:

-Katie Hacker 


  1. Well not always, dahling!

    I was lucky for having my table clean the day I took this picture.
    Now it's a mess again..I received all designs from "Modern Expressions" back from my publisher and I am working on have all loosen findings, beads and pendants back in place.

    I just don't create very well full of stuff in front of me...I need to be amazed by a certain level of organization to feel good about the space around me then I feel like creating.

    It's difficult when you have so many projects going on at the same now...I heard a designer saying that he would never spend his time picking up beads from the floor nor putting things back in place...he hires somebody to do that...niiiiice 4 him!!!

    Besides that I canno't afford having expensive inventory not well storaged...simply bugs me A LOOOOOTCH seeing gemstones and Swarovski Elements all over the place getting scratched and rubbing against is not good!

    Beijos! XoXo !

  2. I just received my copy of Bead & Wire Jewelry Exposed and it is fantastic! The designs are so gorgeous!

    I use Beadalon's 8 compartment storage ring to store my jump rings. I also like that I can take them apart and only take the rings I need when I travel!!



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