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Matchstick Earrings with Katiedids™

This is one of the projects from my CHA Summer Show workshop. Candie Cooper helped with my workshop and dubbed these my matchstick earrings (thanks, Candie!). You can use them to strike up some creativity!

1. String a 4mm light Siam crystal and a 7/8" length of thin, frosted rubber tubing  onto a head pin.

2. Cut a 1" length of silver or gunmetal 24-gauge Artistic Wire  and coil it around the tubing ¼" from the top of the tubing as shown. To coil around tubing, place the wire centered across the tubing and wrap it in opposite directions.

3. Pass the head pin through a hole on the 35mm rectangular Katiedids™ Creative  and make a wrapped loop.

4. Open the loop on a round, hinge earring and attach it to the wrapped loop.

5. Repeat the steps to make a matching earring.

One of my crafty students tore her foil chocolate wrapper and pressed it inside the rectangle to add some color! If you don't have a wrapper handy, you could trim a piece of paper or fabric to fit and glue it in place with resin, Diamond Glaze or Mod Podge.

-Katie Hacker