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Making Wire-Wrapped Leaves

I've jumped feet first onto the wire wrapping bandwagon. With so many colors and gauges of Artistic Wire to choose from - how can I resist? I started this adventure by making a beautiful rose, so I needed to make some leaves next.

I suppose the easy way to have done that would be to find a pattern and some instructions and sit down like a good student and learn. Anyone who knows my beading style knows that's not how I do things. I grab as many different tools, gauges and colors as I can and jump right in to figure it out myself.

First, I took some 18-gauge Tinned Copper and bent it into a leaf form and started wrapping with 30-gauge wire. Not what I was looking for. Luckily, a recent issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry just found its way to my desk, and there's a great pattern by Kaska Firor on page 29 for a cool leaf bracelet. That's more the look that I was going for. I used her basic instructions, and my original leaf form and voila! Well, voila after a few failed attempts, but you get the idea.

- Meredith Roddy for Beadalon