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Chain Maille: It's Not Just for Jewelry!

Here are some ideas for other items you can make with Beadalon's Artistic Wire jump rings using one of my favorite chainmaille techniques, the European 4-in-1. You can find complete instructions for the European 4-in-1 weave in my new booklet, Basics Of Chain Maille, published by Beadalon.

I call this a “Bottle Dress.” I used several different sizes of 18-gauge jump rings in non-tarnish silver. By using different size jump rings, I did not have to expand and contract the weave. I added gold bells around the bottom edge and larger red Christmas bells at the points.

For this purse in progress, I'm using 18-gauge size 11/64” Artistic Wire Jump Rings in non-tarnish silver. I hope to have this completed by Christmas!!

Here is a coaster I made with 18-gauge size 7/32” Artistic Wire Jump Rings in natural copper. To complete this coaster, you can cut a piece of felt the same circumference as the chainmaille and sew them together.

Many years ago, I made a coif using bright aluminum jump rings. I decided to use Beadalon’s 18-gauge size 7/32” jump rings in natural copper to make a new version. The coif is a bit tricky to do because you have to expand the European 4-in-1 weave.  This picture depicts my copper coif lying on top of my bright aluminum coif. I can’t wait to finish it so I can see what I would look like as a red head!

-Lauren Andersen, Beadalon Design Team Member
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