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A Hearty Thank You

Thank you for reading, following, and enjoying the Beadalon Blog! We love sharing it with you and look forward to reading your comments. To say thanks, we're holding a prize drawing for our Google "Friend Connect" Followers.

The randomly selected winner will receive a package of fun samples including Katiedids™ Creative Components, Artistic Wire®, and Beadalon® 49. If you aren't already following us, click on the Followers link in the sidebar to sign up!  We'll announce the winner here on the Blog on December 23rd, so be sure to check in.

Our Blog is a coordinated effort. Thank you from all of our contributors:
  • Design Team Members: Lauren Andersen, Fernando Dasilva, Katie Hacker, Margot Potter, Leslie Rogalski
  • John Fritzinger, Marketing & Art Director
  • Meredith Roddy, Sales Executive
  • Yvette Rodriguez, Advertising, Travel, & Event Coordinator
  • Wyatt White, Director of Education & Product Manager