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On the Bookshelf: Modern Expressions by Fernando Dasilva

I am very excited about getting an advance copy of my book, Modern Expressions. I love it! This project has been my baby for the last 14 months and now that it is a reality, I feel like another journey begins. I'll be making appearances, doing signings and teaching workshops in a variety of venues over the next year.

Here's the official description: Inside Modern Expressions (F+W Pubs 2011) you will find chic necklace, earring and bracelet designs that turn heads with their fashion-forward sensibility. This book goes beyond instruction for creating striking pieces and helps you see clothing options to pair with the jewelry, with a how-to wear sidebar accompanying at least half of the projects. All of the projects feature modern components provided by major manufacturers (such as Beadalon), so locating supplies will be easy and painless.

Pre-order it on Amazon!

-Fernando Dasilva, Beadalon Design Team Member