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Wyatt's Wireworking Tips

Beadalon product manager Wyatt White has been making jewelry for 20+ years and recently authored two booklets on wireworking with German-Style wire, Beginning Wire Wrapping and Wire Wrapping: Component & Stone Setting. We asked him for some wireworking tips to share. Here are his top 5 tips:

1. Use German-Style Wires to create stylish designs and to practice your wire-wrapping skills before using more expensive wires like Sterling Silver or Gold-filled.

2. Straighten the wire before you begin the project. Use light tension to pull the wire through the tips of nylon-jaw pliers.

3. Use precision pliers, such as Beadalon's Sparkle Tools or designer black-handled pliers. Use flush cutters so the ends have a nice, flush cut.

4. The wire gauge affects the design outcome. Use larger gauges if you want the wire to be the star, use smaller gauges if you want the stone or bead to the be the focus of the design.

5. Add zing to your projects with twisted wire. To achieve a twisted effect, twist Square Wire with the Wire Twisting Tool or use the Fancy Square Wire (Fancy Square Wire is easier to band because the sides are square).  

For more tips, check out Wyatt's new wire wrapping videos on YouTube!


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