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Charmood Bangle Bracelet by Fernando Dasilva

Get your sparkle on with this bracelet that’s as fun to create as it is to wear. Make several so you can stack them on your arm for a look that’s purely fabulous!

Materials & Tools
• 6 Swarovski 8mm turquoise crystal cubes*
• 9 Swarovski crystal AB heart pendant *
• 5 Swarovski crystal AB bicone pendant *
• 3 Swarovski 12mm peridot round crystal *
• 1 Swarovski 12mm peridot bicone crystal *
• 1 wood bangle with 45 rings *
• 4 silver plated 1hole disc spacer – 522B-016
• 2 silver plated flower ear post
• 2 silver plated round ear post
• 4 silver plated spade ear post
• 11 silver plated sexy tags – 322B-012
• 6 silver plated wide oval tags – 322B-010
• 8 silver plated closed heart charms – 348B-010
• 8 silver plated lightweight 4mm jump rings 314B-015
• 45 silver plated 6mm jump rings – 314B-005
• 6 silver plated head pins 312E-009
• 2 silver plated ball star head pins – 312B-110
• Beadalon ergo round nose pliers
• Beadalon ergo chain nose pliers
• Beadalon Designer flush cutter

1. String 1 turquoise cube onto 1 plain head pin. Use round nose pliers to make a simple loop above the bead and add 1 sexy tag to it and wrap it twice. Use flush cutter to trim excess wire and set aside.

2. Use flush cutter to cut off post of flower ear post and with chain nose pliers attach a 6mm jump ring onto it and set aside. Make a second one.

3. Repeat step 2 using all the other ear posts. You will end up with 6 dangles made out of ear posts. Choose tags according to your desire.

4. String 2 big peridot crystals onto 2 ball star head pins and make a simple loop above the beads using round nose pliers and set aside. Repeat the same with the other 2 peridot crystals left and use regular head pins.

5. String 9 heart pendants onto 9 lightweight jump rings and set aside.

6. Repeat step 5 using top drilled bicone crystals and regular jump rings.

7. Start attaching charms and crystal dangles to the bangle. Mix short and long dangles to create a fun look. Use all rings until you have beads all way around.

- Fernando Dasilva for Beadalon
For personal use only; All Rights Reserved